Excellent Music Choice For Hunted: The Demon Forge Launch Trailer

Filter's gloomy rendition of "Happy Together" sets the perfect tone for the May 31 launch of inXile's co-op focused dungeon romp Hunted: The Demon's Forge.


    This game wasn't even on my radar.. but now... OH GOD WANT!!! WANNNTTT!!!

    Bonus points for telling me who sings (see covers) that song.. i wan to listen to that alllll day at work...


      You're welcome.

    Fantastic! (though I've been following this game for a while already)

    ...now what are the chances we'll see a followup in a few hours (or minutes, knowing the internet) from someone who swapped the song back out for the original version? :p

    I think that they ruined the song personally...
    Still, trailer made me consider the game. So I guess it's mission accomplished.

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