Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Will Rival Shooter Heavyweights, But Is Getting Far Out Of The Way

Who wants a Modern Warfare killer? Ubisoft does. (And so do most other publishers aside from Atlus, but that's not the point.)

The head of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, said today that the company's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, long in development and showed in controlled demos at last year's E3, won't be released until the first three months of 2012.

The Ubi CEO promised that the game will include top-flight single-player, co-op and competitive multiplayer modes that will "take Ghost Recon to the level of the biggest players out there." But, he said, the game won't come out until early 2012 in order to avoid the "crowded Christmas line-up".

Future Soldier has been shown off as a cutting-edge, graphically impressive third-person shooter. It appears to be less tactically-oriented than earlier Ghost Recon games and more of an aggressive shooter, in the vein of third-person Gears of War and first-person Modern Warfare games, presumably the sort of "biggest players out there" the Ubi boss was referring to. Modern Warfare 3, Gears of War 3 and Battlefield 3 are all expected for later this year, crowding Ghost Recon out to 2012.


    I'm over the COD-killer. COD will die down when it wants to. People will still buy it even if there is a better game out. The only another game can affect its sales is by releasing at the same time as COD and its a better game that people have more interest in playing. People may eventually get sick of it, but atm it doesn't seem to.

    I do however have a problem that this is not getting a release until 2012! I do hope it's great - I hope they're not spending too much money or time developing the thing for it to bomb or just sell a few million. Seems COD games are given 2 years and they ship to become the best selling game ever and still get critical acclaim.

      It recalls the 'Halo Killer' phenomenon, PS2 owners were repeatedly promised something to top Xbox's flagship game, first it was going to be that Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter, then it was going to be the original Killzone, then Red Faction 2 and so on. None game close to knocking of Halo and Halo 2 (sorry Killzone fans, the original sucked).

    /angry noise

    Not good, not good at all. I wait bloody years for a new GRAW game and instead I have to look forward to Generic Military Shooter # whatever.

    I want gadgets and squad commands and tactical exercises and directing a bunch of assets from cover using drones to laser locations then send in my unit covered by a helicopter and some armoured vehicles. Pulling of that stuff in GRAW 2 kicked ass.

    I don't know if developers realise that we don't want other Call of Duty's, we have Call of Duty (soon to be replaced by Battlefield 3 anyway). If you make a game like the game everyone plays and release it right after that game has just released a sequel, do you really expect to eat into their sales?

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