Giving A Classic Board Game The Love It Deserves

HeroQuest, an "entry-level" Warhammer game first released in 1989, was at the time a fairly primitive affair, limited to a board, some cards and the player pieces. So Damien Thévenin has spent a few years fixing the game up a little.

He's built an exquisite set of 3D walls and doors, meaning the game's formerly primitive dungeon now look a lot more like a, well, dungeon! Or castle. I never was quite sure which it was.

Thévenin has also professionally painted the game's units and re-done the floor tiles. It's amazing work, which you can see more of at the link below.

HeroQuest [Damien Thévenin via Geek-Art]


    That's impressive stuff! I used to love playing Hero Quest with my mate when I was younger. Funnily enough, I used to imagine it really looking very similar to this!

    Absolutely awesome. Would love to see a version of this re-released by Games Workshop. My original copy from many moons ago is sort of in pieces. :)

    I still have it and all the expansions, it is still a great game for all ages.

    Tid bit of rarely known info: when Milton Bradley were phasing HereosQuest out they deeply discounted the board game to just $20 in Target, Kmart and Toyrus in Australia. I regret not buying one and keeping it sealed...

    HeroQuest! oh the nostalgia, I feel it all through me! but better than ever, just like OOT 3Ds!

    and on that note (like OOT), and re: Welbot - yeah me too lol, which is exactly that the article on OOT 3DS said and I just concurred in a post on there. The rose-coloured glasses of nostalgia indeed. I've been meaning to look up Barbarian for c64 for ages, that was the first game I ever played on my own computer, and I dread to think what it really looked like

    I wish I can buy it because I try also to make Hero Quest to look little better, but sure so far like he make it I cannot reach it for now :) I only make for now, to paint more then 200 miniatures, of Hero Quest and the Rooms with wood plates 56 Rooms and 78 corridors to change the Map many times. Now I am thinking how to make the walls and better doors and more ... :)

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