How Sony Is Explaining The PSN Network Outage To Its Developers

Sony execs have already apologized to PlayStation customers by way of the company's official blog and with extremely deep bows, but what's the message to game developers affected by the PlayStation Network outage? Industry Gamers has the internal memo in which they "deeply regret that this incident has occurred," but don't offer many new details.


    Well Sony, even though We've been down 3 weeks and counting your still on top, your always going to be on top, no hack from allegedly anonymous or any other "EXTERNAL SOURCE" is ever going to take that away. When the going got tough you got the tough going. ( ADD ME WHEN NETWORK COMES BACK DC_XPRESS7679

      I wouldnt call them tough, or on top!

        Giving Geohotz that out of court settlement proved they are one big softy.

    I'm still waiting for fresh test subjects to test. For science.

    sony will not much money at the end of it all most players are probably going to x box and their getting sued and giving us free stuff by the way what happens if sony does not meet their dead line may 31st

    Please come back....

    appointment of a new Chief Information Security Officer.

    hmm, as in new role, or they kicked the previous person?

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