In The Next Assassin's Creed, You Play An Old Man

Assassin's Creed: Revelations is the next game in Ubisoft's stealth action series, and it'll be out later this year. It's also the third game where the player takes control of Ezio Auditore, meaning, yes, by now he's very old.

According to a feature in the latest issue of Game Informer, the former smooth-talking ladies man is around the age of 50 by the time he makes it to Constantinople. Now, reading this today, 50 isn't that old! But this game isn't taking place today. It's taking place over 500 years ago, and back then - even for a man as fit and well-connected as Ezio - 50 was old, with most adult men making it past childhood not expected to live much longer than their half-century.

In Revelations, of course, you'll be doing a lot more than just "living". You'll be doing all the dangling and running you've always done, only this time, with some new tricks, like a new zipline system running throughout the ancient city (consisting of four massive areas) which lets you get around it much faster than previous games.

Other big changes include changes to Eagle Vision, which now lets you track a guard's patrol path so you can lay traps, the ability to "craft" your own bomb recipes for differing effects and traditional side missions are gone, replaced with "random events" that give you little missions as you walk around.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations [Game Informer 218, via SolidSnakex @ NeoGAF]


    You can use your cane as a vault to jump further, though.

      surely by this point he just has 100 trained assasins at his beck and call

    I hope they reflect his age in his battle prowess.
    It would make the fights more interesting if he had a stamina bar when fighting his foes head on, forcing him to retreat if overwhelmed and making getting in and out undetected much more important.
    My ten cents.

      I concur.

        I have been saying something like this for ages now.

        I published a long review in a journal that complained that fights were too easy as Altair was essentially invincible. This blog post was a speculation about a solution.

          Yes but it also turned out to be the best thing about the (first) game!

      That would be great to make the game harder. I love Assassin's Creed, but the combat is way too easy!

      Agreed combat will benefit from some age-related tweaking.

      Given that Ezio now heads up an army of Assassins, does this mean greater reliance on them?

      I find it hard to believe that they will step back from the light-on but visceral combat that is the trademark of its predecessors. And I guess in that sense, I don't want any major changes to the way things work...

      Also you'd want to see it when he's scaling walls. I'm sure the arthritus would be kicking in by that age :P

    oh yay, another one...

    I totally agree.

    The combat in AC's although visually impressive, isn't as challenging as it should be.

    What they should improve is the free running control and make it more reliable.

    Awesome to take on Constantinople in a video game too. I can't wait to explore that city, see Hagia Sophia as an Orthodox church etc...

      After 1453 the Hagia Sophia was a mosque, so sorry :(

        It'll still be interesting to see the remaining Byzantine influences on the architecture and wider city, remembering that it wasn't entirely ethnically Turkish at this point.

        Given the plot involves Templars I can see a Byzantine connection in there somewhere - it's a fascinating period of history.

    This sounds interesting now. Also sounds like the ending of Ezios story possibly... I'm predicting it ending with his eventual peaceful death...

      The problem with this is that if Ezio dies then his DNA cant be passed on so he'd need to have a child and when that happens we wouldnt be able to follow Ezio anymore because his child doesn't have its father's memories stored in it from after his birth.

        What's to say it already hasn't? He's 50 here. Mr Auditore was a ladies man in the game. There's a 15 year gap between brotherhood and this. Time in there for seed planting methinks.

          What CJ is saying is that, once Ezio passes on his genes, his memories from that point onwards are no longer accessible through the Animus (Assuming this story is told through the Animus, as with the previous titles).
          That means he's still got one in the chamber. The horny old geezer!

          Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong.

            Actually, that's an incredibly good point.

            Could be a huge plot hole if he has a little kid (or a grown up kid...) and the game proceeds with Ezio's story.

            Blows a huge hole in their own internal logic.

              I actually learnt this point about the Animus from an interview I read with the games writer so they are well aware of it.

                Ah, but Ezios' child would have the memories of being with his father still in his memory which would still be passed on in genetic memory...

                  OK I didnt read the next comment, Im so good...

        just a thought, (from my limited scope, still have ACII and AC:B to catch up on) couldn't it be possible that in AC:R, Ezio has a child, but the game is through his child's perception. i.e. Ezio is retelling the story to his child, which is embedded on the genetic memory? Although you may not play directly as his offspring, you play through the stories he is telling kinda thing. Could also bring an opportunity for an Altair filler somewhere to bridge the gap between 1 and the Ezio trilogy, which may also introduce different age-styled mechanics to suit both characters and time periods they are in

        And the twist at the end is.....he has a daughter :o

        Though i'm still not 100% clear on the whole Animus thing, but thats just a thought

          That wouldn't work with the way the animus is described in game. Since Desmond is in this game they're obviously going to use the Animus as a framing device again.

          Just to give it a brief explanation, the Animus only reconstructs an environment based on the genitic memories of your ancestors. This ends at the conception of the next ancestor in the link back to the user. So for instance if you witnesses a person's conception in the animus as the father, your perspective would change from the father's to the mother's.

    i dont really want an old man its better with Ezio or why cant it be that the old man and Ezio are partners...

    Interesting. I hope they don't ignore or downplay the age issue. It would be implausible to see a 50-year old jumping around rooftops in the same way as a 20-year old, magical Assassin DNA aside...

      They downplayed it in Brotherhood. After the opening scene in which Ezio was identified as 'no longer a young man', he proceeded to recover from his injuries and leap from building to building exactly as he did in AC2.

      No reason to assume different this time around.

    If it is anything like my 50+ year old dad Ihope they have him farting more and complaining about cheese stuffing him up nowdays.

    I hope they get rid of timed puzzles.

    They give me the irits.

    The AC wiki also mentions that there will be flashback missions, where the player will control Altair!

    He's probably just as old, but I'm still interested. Altair probably won't have a pistol and crossbow, which would make his missions harder.

    Regarding the 'age appropriate combat', I would imagine that making it to 50 would make Ezio an extremely awesome fighter, but he would not have too much stamina.

    I think it would be more appropriate for him to show his age more while free-running, where in combat he would be the man, but would suffer more when injured, e.g. if taken a blow to the leg, he would still limp for a while, even after being restored to full health.

      And if, say, one of his arms were injured in combat, he would be more likely to lose his grip while monkey-ing around, maybe until he had the injury seen to by a doctor :D

    Asides from the fact Luke has not done research on average lifespan's in the 1500s, and just taken the common incorrect viewpoint of lifespan.

    The reason mean lifespans in history appear low, was due to child mortality rates bringing the mean down. We now Ezio has lived to his 40s already, at around 1500 the average lifespan from age 21 was ~50 years. Making 70 years not an unusual outlier.

    Further reading here

    Am I the only one that thinks the combat in ACB was perfect?

    I -want- to feel overpowered - I'm supposed to be the hardest motherf*cker in the 1500's!

      It's not that you feel overpowered but how easy it is to be.

      There needs to be more risk when facing multiple enemies. Knights in full armour should really punish you if they score a hit. As it is, there's little sense of achievement when overpowering 10 - 15 enemies.

        Batman: Arkham Asylum pulled this off really well, you could get really effed up if you weren't paying attention and it's very hard to come out of a fight with only a few scratches.

    Ezio had the cash to pay for medicines. Given that he was already fit (and not to mention what kinds of interesting life expanding contraptions Da Vinci may have designed for him), I'm sure 50 was nothing for him. I wonder if they're going to add Snake's stamina bar for Ezio.

    bah i am i the only one who would prefer a different character, Ezio is great and all but we have all ready had two games and at this point i think it is just getting a bit ridiculous, besides a new character would offer up so many more possibilities over the idea of playing as Ezio again.

    SNaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaKE !!

    I think I know why the lead designer left.... lawl

    but we'll all buy it anyways

    and they won't finish the story either...

    Finally! We need more old bastard protagonists. I'm getting sick of every main character being some sort of generic young buck. Age brings experience, experience forges personality, personality shapes a far more interesting character.

    Between this and The Witcher 2 I'm counting this year a success in the advance of more varied and interesting protagonists. Hopefully we can keep the momentum flowing.

    In the end of the game Ezio dies because of heartattack.

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