Is The PlayStation Network Working For You Yet?

We've just had a bash at using the PlayStation Network to no avail - but how are you guys going so far? Has anyone managed to get things up and running yet? We got word that Sony were phasing in a number of regions, including Australia, at roughly 5am, but we're hearing reports that some are having difficulties...

Consider this your thread to discuss the PSN - if you're having issues, or you have had success getting online, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Drop us your experiences so far in the comments below.


    in melbourne.. 11.55 still not working... i am really beginning to hate u sony! i mean come on!!

    nyc i can login to the psn network website but not on the ps3 again psn sucks!!

    Nope, nothing here in Brisbane either yet as I write this. I have been able to update the firmware but still can't connect to PSN. Sooner it comes back, sooner I can get my Mortal Kombat Classic Ermac skin unlocked!!! :)

    Was on psn at about 3am then got off line at 7:30 but when I tride to sign back in all I got was the currently undergoing maintenance dose eney one now y that would tern it on and later tern it off.

    this has got hair all over it! itll be another ten days or so before this shit is soughted.i reckon there still finding shit thats been ripped out by hackers!?,nothing here in newcastle not even a flicker and i think there welcome back package is the biggest joke(welcome back)we didnt go anywere dickhead ,your the one that vanished leaving us in the fucking twilight zone, anti up with some serious game downloads,map packs,and a personal appology to every single one of us for this and the shit you tried to pull back in the 40,s

      I lol'd at that. Hilarious

    Midday, still no dice!!!
    South east QLD

    Sydney north shore here, still nothing at mid day.

    12:02PM; not working for me here in western Melbourne. Didn't expect it to with the millions of users chugging up the service to get back on. What's another day?

    in Brisbane. 12:05pm. Still not working :(

    I'm in Melbourne and can't sign in even for the first time. I'm losing all patience

    Auckland, New Zealand - No dice.

      Thanks Jake, Been at work and have been hoping.

    12:07 here nothrn melbourne still nothing maybe tonight

    Tried at like 11:00am here in Brisbane QLD and nothing. Still saying undergoing mantinence

    Got reports from mates in NSW, SA PSN came up, they changed their passwords and got logged out back to the maintenance screen. Im in brisbane and have had no connectively watsoever.

    HEY sony lets work through this with it plugged in at the wall 2:is it turned on at the wall 3:can you here a humming noise?

      Have you tried turning it on off and on again?


    avro and still no dice..

    Downloaded the firmware yesterday afternoon. :)
    But haven't been able to sign in at all.

    Not too fussed. It'll be back up in a couple more days :D

    1226h in the City of Townsville in North Queensland and apparently it's still down for maintenance.

    I spy with my little eye ..something begining witttthhhh...F♄CKED UPP

    Any word on the free games yet

    perth 1015am clicked on the sign in and it went to 'Reset password' i clicked reset and it went back to 'undergoing maint '

    i thought i was so close

    Just tried myself, still undergoing maintenance. Will probably wait until tomorrow and see how it goes then. Or if I'm awake at 3am or so I'll try then

    1031 Perth time - undergoing maintenance

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