Is The PlayStation Network Working For You Yet?

We've just had a bash at using the PlayStation Network to no avail - but how are you guys going so far? Has anyone managed to get things up and running yet? We got word that Sony were phasing in a number of regions, including Australia, at roughly 5am, but we're hearing reports that some are having difficulties...

Consider this your thread to discuss the PSN - if you're having issues, or you have had success getting online, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Drop us your experiences so far in the comments below.


    I'm from Adelaide, still waiting for the PS3 to come out down here.

    Got it, now I can finally activate Portal 2.

      Can you confirm that it works? This is the most important reason that I want the PSN back!

    I'm in Melbourne and I just logged in!

    In Sydney ...still waiting for my email hmmph

    Still can't log my x360 to PSN?

    2:15pm, I can confirm Sphinx. PSN is working in Melbourne! Ohhh riiiiite.

    It's up for me, Perth

    Melbourne, in and looking at home for about the second time ever!

    For those of you waiting for activation emails:

    I was able to download the new firmware yesterday, timed out the first time but second time it downloaded. Obviously couldn't sign into PSN though. Tried about 8:00 this morning and still no go. I'm at work for another hour so hopefully it's all up and running here in north-west NSW by the time I get home!

    No workies for me :-(

    Oh and by the way, for anyone else trying to sign into, it will still tell you it's offline, but if you can get to the site without being directed to au, you can sign in there. Or here's the direct link to the sign in page.

    I just logged in and got my password reset email within 5 minutes.

      Cheers for the link!

      All done and ready to go for when I get home :)

      Its not working for me keeps comming up with "an error occured"

    Yay! logged in!! still no playstation store though :(

    Adelaide at 3:00pm local... PSN is online!!!

    Australia NSW online

    how did u get it to work, mine comes it withj error when i try to change the password

    Can't get through to the store yet though. Aching to buy Portal 2.

      Wait what? I think you're doing it wrong.
      As far as I know, you can't buy portal 2 from PSN store, even if the store is working.

    Nope, my PSP isn't logging in.

    Perth here. Updated yesterday. Tried to sign in today at around 12.30pm, prompted me to change my password, then once I did that I was able to sign in as per usual. Confirmation email came through soon after. Working fine now, except the store obviously. :)

    Cheltenham, VIC no go as of 4pm

    No go for me in melbourne.

    Still ongoing maintenance msg :(

    just tried loggin on, worked perfect the first time. i live in california, im stoked!

    Just played 2 hrs of Op Flashpoint from Melb, Aus

    Can anyone tell me if you're able to download purchased content? I'm aware the store is down for purchasing, and probably will be for the next couple of weeks - but can I download stuff I've already purchased? Or is the whole store offline period?

      I tried it a couple of hours ago.
      You can download stuff you've already purchased if you use a PSP to access your account, but you can't download using a PS3.
      For some reason, you can only view your downloads on your PSP at the moment. :/

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