Is This The First Look At The Ace Attorney Movie?

Takashi Miike (Ichi the Killer, Audition) is in Cannes, prompting his latest film, Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai. His next film won't be nearly as heavy.

"It is a very light comedy that I am filming now, a court drama, based on a video game, the Nintendo game DS," Miike told The Huffington Post. The movie hasn't been officially revealed, but earlier this month, there were rumours that Miike was filming a cinematic version of Ace Attorney, the popular DS courtroom mysteries.

The movie is apparently being filmed in Kyoto, and Miike was rumoured to be the film's director - weeks before he said he was working on a film version of a DS game. These photos were taken of what is apparently the film's set. Earlier this month, it was thought that these images were of a TV commercial set, but, it seems more like they depict Miike's film.

Light comedy or not, the set sure looks creepy.

京都で実写映画版「逆転裁判」らしき撮影を見たと話題に [はちま起稿]


    Yay production shots from Turnabout Goodbye. Hope they start at Turnabout sisters and move forward

    Given the director this would be the perfect chance to explore each characters psychological profiles. Specifically the masochistic nature of a certain Larry Butz.

    Here, let me take my trusty puppy to the crime scene to find evidence!

    It's definitely Phoenix Wright. In the last picture there, you can see a painting of the Steel Samurai.

      YES IT IS

      HOT DAMN!!!!!

    Could be a Japanese-style Rake

    The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo. For Great Justice!

    Now where's the Blue Badger? Jammin' Ninja?

      OMG - you're sending all these memories flooding back.

      The first Ace Attorney was so awesome.

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