What is this? Seriously. Nyan Cat FLY! is a game about a cat flying through space, on an endless search for lollipops, whilst trying to avoid asparagus and broccoli. Also, the cat has rainbows flying out of its arse.

So, yeah, the clear inspiration here is Robot Unicorn Attack, but I'm willing to forgive Nyan Cat FLY! because it apes the primitive games I played as a youngster. Also - it has the most simultaneously hilarious and irritating theme song I've ever heard.

Go forth my friends, and eat cake. Make pains to avoid asparagus.

Nyan Cat FLY! [Kongregate]


    that was odd... the picture at the end when you lose is full of win, however

    Hey Mark...

    You can thank me later!

      I once listened to that for ~20 minutes non-stop. Good times.

        Only 20 mins... I've had it playing for hours!

    Sounds like you haven't seen the original Nyan Cat, Mark.

    I'm not really sure what a "nyan" is, but I got 6451 of them...

    I downloaded the game for iPhone yesterday.
    Not as much features on it as this, but [email protected]!
    The themesong is the best part of it!

    So addictive! Fly Nyan CAT FLY!


    Oh the humanity! Er ... hilarity? No, wait, humanity!

    I love this cat... I have it as my LWP on my phone, my ringtone and I have a t-shirt on the way :)

    I... what?

    I was laughing, and then I think I was crying.

    I don't know why.

    I <3 Nyan cat. Although I can't nyan for long. The game was a bit hard though. I kept hitting the vegies X3

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