Minecraft And Studio Ghibli - Together At Last

Here's a Monday morning factoid to shock you all out of your stupor - if you don't like Studio Ghibli, you're dead inside. You most likely take no joy in any aspect of life and there's a tinny, rusting machine where your heart used to be. That's no way to live. That's no way to live at all. Anyways, this vid - which attempts to recreate some of the stunning locales featured in Ghibli movies - is probably my favourite Minecraft video of all time.

You can check out more info on this awesome project here.

Thanks to Budgie for the heads up.


    *is dead inside*

    That's not to say I dislike them. I have just never seen any of their work, so I have no standing to like them. Indifference all round :P

      Then you're not dead inside, but your inner child is suffocating.
      I suggest grabbing Princess Mononoke or Spirited Away annd taking the pillow off it's face.
      (note-the author of this comment in no way condones suffocation of any kind)

        I'd recommend My Neighbor Totoro + Porco Rosso.

        I have no inner child. It's all outer, he gets to breathe plenty!

    That is ... mind-blowing. And a nice video too, the Ghibli music is as beautiful as the artwork.

    Just when you think you've escaped from minecraft you get reeled back in! Loading chunks. . .

    Awe-inspiring, well done. This is the real creative power that drives Minecraft into indie hall of fame.

    DAMN! The only thing that could possibly make that cooler, is if the door in Howl's moving castle actually had the warp control so you could exit to different parts of the world! Super impressive effort!!

    wow the town from laputa looks a bit like Machu Picchu. Otherwise really awesome. Love the bathhouse <3

    Pure awesome!

    Okay. I've spent a LOT of time in Minecraft. All I've basically made is a house out of a mountain. How the hell do people make this stuff/ find time!?

    Wow. I think I'll pull out those Ghibli classics this weekend.

    "A tinny, rusting machine where your heart used to be" sounds like something out of a Ghibli movie.

    *pulls out Studio Ghibli boxset*

    Cant wait till midnight comes and he needs to kill the zombies that blow shit up :D

    This is freakin amazing

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