Planking Hits World of Warcraft...

The planking phenomena is one that illustrates the internet's ability to render a hilariously inventive idea dead and lifeless within roughly two days. Now planking has managed to cross over into the virtual realm... MAKE IT STOP!

Have you guys seen any other example of planking in video games?

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    Phooning > Planking

    Sunrise this morning was trying to get 'Teapotting' happening.
    I regret that there are laws preventing me from slapping television 'journalists'.

    "Have you guys seen any other example of planking in video games?"

    Are you kidding me? Have you never killed anyone in a First Person Shooter game? What 'else' would you call the result of that action?

    I force people to enact planking on a daily basis in video games.

    I considered watching free-to-air TV for the first time in two months yesterday. Then I read an article that inlcuded videos of Kerri-Anne and Karl Stefanovic both demonstrating how to 'plank' on their programs.

    I then went back to video games.

      HAHA! The things that poor woman would do to win a Logie. Then you have Karl who just won a Gold Logie?

    I agree. God make the planking stop D:

      I'll see what I can do.
      *powers up the lightning machine*

    I dispute that it was ever hilarious :P

    I think its funny to see the 'real world' get its panties in a twist over a meme. Like there's never been a 'funny thing on the internet' before!

    Here check it:

    Scroll down about halfway to make with the Picard facepalms.

    This makes me feel old because I don't find this funny in the slightest.

    I guess 23 is over the hill.

    Planking doesn't work on television, it's like watching someone trying to go through a PULL door by PUSHing.

    Doing it any form makes you look stupid.

    I swear that planking was invented by television companies to parody existing Internet memes. Never even heard of it until it made the wakeup shows

    Planking is a stolen version of The lying down game. Then planking is getting all the credit.

    Is it supposed to be funny? Is it supposed to be ironic, or supposed to symbolise something?

    I don't get it :/

    What a load of plankers (See what I did there? because plankers is supposed to represent wankers? See?)

      I'm glad you specified, I assumed you meant plonkers.

      English: Not lacking in slang insults.

      Australian: Refining that lack into a fine art.

    First thing I think of when I hear the term planking is the monks in Monty Python's Holy Grail. I do something similar when this makes the news, only without the wood.

    I was always told planking made you go blind.

    Boom Tish!

    I just spent all my savings on plankton stocks.

    Now I've seen some photos...

    I think I've made a huge mistake.

    Maybe im a grumy git. But in what was is this funny/ironic?

    Are you kidding? you say how annoying planing is, which I agree with, then ask for further examples... you are a fucking idiot.

      Oh man I know right? Over the weekend I finally tackled a door jam that had been sticking for ages. I got the planer out and try as I might, it just wouldn't plane down enough for the door to shut smoothly.

      I threw the planer aside and went to Bunnings to get one of those industrial-size-plane-your-balls-off planers. I said to the dude GIMME THE BIGGEST PLANER YOU GOT SON and he was all like YO DAWG YOU WANT ONE OF THESE 2 FOOT LONG ONES and I'm like HELL NAH GIMME ONE OF THEM PLANE A SECTION OFF MOUNT EVEREST BASTARDS and he took me in the back room and him and another dude unlock a massive steel door like that bit out of WarGames you with the 'turn your key sir' Mr Blonde and the dude out of the West Wing nah wah mean?

      Anyway, he brings out a planer that could only have been crafted for use by Jesus himself so I threw cash at his stupid face and went back home. This thing could have planed atoms off an electron and it made short work of the door I tell you that much. I even cut myself a few times on my arm and I was all like Robert Shaw in Jaws banging on about the USS Indianapolis talking bout the dude from Cleveland who was bobbing up and down like a kinda top but I threw some iodine on that bitch and everything was tip-top.

      Get planing kids!

        Well done.

        You, Sir, have won the comment. All of the comment.

        Dude you are welcome in this site anytime. Well played sir.

    Planking has been going around for at least 2 years (see: extreme lying down). Sorry, but it's not the internet that ruined it, it's the media doing a bad job of bringing it into the mainstream.

    We all know that video game references just got real with L-Blocking. Tetris L-Blocks everywhere are uniting, and the power of the internet is making L-Blocking the new Planking. The best pisstake.

    I for one am amazed and scared,

    I once saw heaps of people lie in a row, all in the prone stance, on Call of Duty.


    It's all fun and games until someone dies... oh wait...

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