Remember This?

Just to make things a little tougher, for one day only, I've decided to make Remember This about recognising a tiny portion of a screenshot. This is just a little experiment, so I'm keen to see if you guys would like to see more of this?


    Lol, that the back garden area where the boos appear in Super Mario 64 as far as I can tell.. and yes m0ar

    those trees can only be from Mario 64...

    Super Mario 64, Out near where you enter the haunted house level

    I think the portion of a screenshot is a good idea, as it will make it harder to guess.

    That said, I have no freaking clue what this is.

    Super Mario 64.
    The Courtyard

    That'd be the 'backyard' of Peach's castle in Super Mario 64. I remember the rumour of Luigi's name being written on the statue in the water feature there, spent ages trying to figure that out (spoilers: nothing came of it)

    I'm thinking something to do with a Mario game, maybe Paper Mario

    Zelda Ocarina of Time, outside of Hyrule Castle.

      No wait I think it's actually Mario 64 outside of Peach's castle

    Super Mario 64, I'd recognise those conifers anywhere.

    OMG! Someone's gonna be happy! Mario 64!

    I never know these as I don't know that many obscure games, however I will say the wall texture and water makes it look like the side entrance to Hyrule Castle in Ocarina of Time.

    Super Mario 64?

    Super Mario 64! (the outside courtyard)

    Ocarina of time!

    Mario 64?

    Looks a bit like Hyrule Castle from Ocarina of Time.

    I'm sure that's Super Mario 64.

    Or Mario 64!

    Is that Peach's Castle from Mario for the N64?

    Err. The small fountain in the center of Peach's castle in Super Mario 64 - This is also where the many Boo's that roam the castle congregate to mess with you while you're trying to figure out that carousel bit.

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