Resident Evil's Milla Jovovich, Now Yours To Buy

Milla Jovovich, star of the Resident Evil series of films, is now the star of an exquisite Resident Evil action figure, with Hong Kong company Hot Toys recreating her in this 28cm piece.

Available later this year, and typical of Hot Toys' style, it comes with a ton of accessories, like extra outfits, extra hands, extra weapons and even two hair styles to choose from.

Sadly, as is also Hot Toys' style, the likeness is a little off, though the amount of detail on hand (and the fact the face was sculpted by hand, and not a computer) more than make up for it.


    Dual wielding kukri FTW!


    I know what clothes I would put her in ;)

    "Now Milla just look like your a brain dead zombie so I can sculpt it, yes, YES. Thankfully this is my fetish" blathered by the designer :|

    *puts wallet away*

    That title is totally misleading.



    Just to clarify: a model of Ms Jovovich is available to buy, not Milla herself. Quelle déception!

    Yo dawg. We heard you liked models so we made a model of a model so you can look at a model while you look at a model.

      Love this comment. Ultra-approval! :D

    Looks kinda like someone who might make a living playing Milla Jovovich=Alice at a theme park.

    The Milla Jovovich Entertainment System. Your parents help you hook it up.

    Do want.

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