Resistance 3 Knows You Love Retailer-Exclusive Preorder Bonuses

Want to play as Resistance and Resistance 2 hero Nathan Hale in Resistance 3‘s online multiplayer? You’d better enjoy shopping at Best Buy. What other retailer-exclusive goodies has Sony got up its sleeves?

We hate them, but the publishers and retailers seem to like dangling unique shiny prizes in from of gamers faces in order to entice them to buy games from establishments they normally wouldn’t frequent. For instance, if you were one of those GameStop haters you might miss out on a lovely replica Chimera-tooth necklace, as seen around the neck of Resistance 3’s protagonist Joseph Capelli, as well as a five level head start in online multiplayer. Do you really want to miss out?

Fine then. Take your money to Wal-Mart instead, where a preorder earns you five special multiplayer titles exclusive to America’s favourite place to shop for action figures in the middle of the night like some asshole.

Or screw physical retail and go through, where you’ll unlock the No. 60 Air Fuel Grenade in the game’s singleplayer campaign for putting your money down.

You can even buy the game in Canada or other US retailers, gaining a Black Ops multiplayer skin for your trouble.

Now where are you going to shop? Did I mention Best Buy also offers a victory dance emote for multiplayer? Is your consumer loyalty on the verge of breaking yet? Don’t answer yet, you have until September 6 to figure it all out.

Resistance 3 Pre-order Bonuses: Hale Returns, SRPA Black Ops and more [PlayStation Blog]

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