Tetris Tampons

Feminine hygiene display in an Italian drugstore. The box reads: "It takes more to say than to do," which idiomatically means, "It's more trouble to do it than to talk about it." Maybe the T-piece is pitching condoms and the squiggle's flacking laxatives.

Tampax Houdt Gamesters Droog


    Shouldn't that be "It's LESS trouble to do it than talk about it"? Or was the original translation wrong?

      It should, Oh-when got confusled

    My god, that's brilliant

    but if that tampon goes there, then 2 lines of the uterus will disappear, and that can't be good!

      Wait.. would we have to rename the game...

      wait for it...


      Two lines of the uterus! Woah dude, how far in do you think the tampon goes? LOL

        not far enough to find the g-spot, that's for damn sure..

        Slippery little sucker...

          Dude, it's like right there. Just in a couple inches in and up, you can't miss it...

            And also tampons go in basically as far as you can poke them.

    I think xkcd says is better :)


      damn, they really do..

      But their one has nothing to do with lady parts, so it's automatically less interesting :P


    Chuloopa: Slow day at work?

      popcultured: i have been doing advertising flyers ALL DAY... it's mind numbing to say the least

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