The Angry Birds Car Is The Most Addictive Chevy Of All Time

Spotted on an Ohio Freeway, this heavily customised Angry Birds-themed car is either a great meta-commentary on distracted driving or merely the most Internet relevant donk since the Facebook Caprice.

The attention to detail here is kind of wonderful, from the pause button on the front quarter panels to the opening screen mural on the hood. But the Pièce de résistance? All of the characters on covers behind the 24-inch wheel spokes.

We give this car three stars for topicality.

(Hat tip to @e4VoIP!)

Photos: TonyCLewis, Fuhq.


    "Oi Ernie, Oi'm gonna git 'r done. How bout summin topical? Like dat Angry Birds game dem city folk all seemta play?"

    I love it when people cover their cars in shit with a use-by date.

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