The Darkness 2 Will Get The Blood Flowing In October

The Darkness 2, sequel to the cult-hit, will be available in the US and Canada on October 4, with a global release coming on October 7. I never played the original Darkness but I saw this game back at PAX East and was impressed by the game's surprisingly intuitive Quad-Wielding system, which lets players quickly switch back and forth between traditional weapons and your Darkness powers.

Since the trailer won't give you much of a feel for the game, there are also a couple of screens here to help properly set the tone.


    An absolute must-buy for me... as are the two other big games being released around that time (Arkham, Skyrim)

    Why, must awesome games be released at the same time!?

      Can't wait. A day one purchase. Gonna impale me some bad guys.

    Awesome, think I might just go and replay the first one before this hits :)

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