Doom 3 BFG Edition Blasts Out Of The Darkness In October

The remastered edition of Doom 3 announced a few weeks ago will hit PCs, PS3s and Xbox 360s this October.

The BFG edition of the classic first-person-shooter will also include full versions of Doom 1 and Doom 2, along with seven new Doom 3 levels and the Resurrection of Evil add-on. The whole shebang will cost $US29.99 for PCs and $US39.99 for consoles.


    Already got it preordered :D

    Awesome, gona be good to go back too hell - love it.

    And again, I want to know... as someone that already owns Doom 3 will I have to pay again or will I get this upgrade for free?

      Considering they havent mentioned anything of the sort, I'd say if you want this, you'll be paying for it regardless of what you may already own... Bethesda/ID arent CDProject brolo...

      Wow, really? You paid for the original Doom 3, as it was released 7 years ago... This is a remastered version with new graphics, new levels and the expansion pack ie. NOT an 'upgrade'.

        You don't get an automatic upgrade to the GOTY version of a game when it's released, do you?

          You do if it's from CDPR

          I also doubt it's new graphics, probably just slightly more polished graphics.

            But... this isnt by/from CDPR

    Am I the only one asking WHY?

    Doom 3 was neither revolutionary or the pinnacle of gaming perfection, infact it never resonated with me like the originals did and generally rated poorly.... so it begs the question, why the reboot?

      Because they couldn't get the Rage engine to run properly... and the development of Doom 4 has stalled.

      Maybe to get some quick revenue for little effort after the tanking Rage did?

    obviously u will have to pay again Glenn, or else if everyone owns it everyone will get it for free which i'll mean the studio will get no profit from this, hence why make a game if u cant make any money from it

    Well I don't remember where my old disc is, but I had a steam version around (quakecon

    im excited because they got rid of that horrifying switch between flashlight/weapon mechanic that didn't even make the game scary

      I recently tried playing Doom 3. Never did in the past as I'm not the horror type.

      But I soon found that game is not scary - it's freaking annoying!

      At one point, the room was dark, and I was being attacked. You'd think I'd scream "AAAGH!" but instead I was shouting "OH WHAT NOW?!"

      Needless to say I stopped playing and left the matter there.

        This is the exact same experience I had with Doom3 and Dead Space.. and another game I can't remember right now (Resistance maybe?).. I liked Doom 1 and 2.. but ever since the release of Doom3 and similar games like Dead Space.. I've grown tired of "spawn points" for AI. I hate the fact that they "just appear" out of nowhere.. it's tedious and not scary after the first few times.. I think I stopped playing after the first hour or so, the same with Dead Space.. I think the other game I got through a few hours until the "invisible" monsters started "not appearing" out of no where..

    Well I don't remember where my old disc is, but I had a steam version around (quakecon sale was awesome by the way). No reason why that couldn't be updated. Guess I've been spoiled by all my witcher titles upgrading to enhanced editions for free.

    I really loved Doom 3 when I played it, I couldn't run it on my PC then and the Xbox version was a pretty damn good substitute. I probably looked at it through rose-tinted glasses, as I still count Doom 1 and 2 as amongst my farourite games of all time and I just wanted to love it - whatever my approach, it worked. Despite the endless corridoors and predictable scares, I find myself very much looking forward to the new edition.

    Hope you can still use the Trent Reznor Sound Pack. The stock gun sounds were pretty weak in Doom 3.

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