It Looks Like Doom 3, But Better


    I'm excited about the idea of a remake of Doom but these screens don't seem to be what I was hoping for.

    It is a work in progress however so I'll look forward to seeing how things progress.

      Its on shelves 18 oct.. its finished and probably printed already.

        Damn. Oh well, still will probably check it out. Doom 3 was something I enjoyed a lot in my younger years.

    Interested in seeing how this turns out, hopefully it solves a lot of the problems i had with the original release.

    Can't wait to take on the spawn of Hell once more!

    Two things I'm hoping for... proper widescreen resolutions and adjustable FOV.

    I'll be playing it. I'm pretty sure that it'll look like a particularly nice mid-generation game, but that's OK. The gameplay will hold up, I reckon, and I can't wait to find out.

    Does (or will) it have motion blur and depth of field effects?

    Just looks like the original PC version imo. The original game had widescreen and FOV options, you just needed to know how to use the console or edit a config file.

    Soft shadows are totally new. Looks pretty good.

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