John Carmack Says Doom 4 Will Be ‘Done When It’s Done’

John Carmack Says Doom 4 Will Be ‘Done When It’s Done’
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Speaking at QuakeCon today, id’s John Carmack said they’re hard at work on first-person shooter Doom 4 and it will be “done when it’s done”.

He added that id had shut down its mobile division — previously responsible for phone-based versions of games like Doom and Wolfenstein — to free up more staff for AAA games like the next Doom. “Essentially everybody will be focused on Doom 4,” he said.

“The Bethesda family really is about swinging for the fences,” he said. “I hope that we do get back to mobile in various ways in the future, but the real aim is blockbuster triple-A titles, and for id that means Doom 4.

“Essentially everybody will be focused on Doom 4 as a project.”


  • The general idea of Doom 4 doesn’t really excite me. They would really need to step up the game and bring some new gameplay elements to grab my attention.

  • After the disappointing RAGE game they’d better come up with something special. Bet DOOM 4 is going to be produced for consoles NOT PCs

    • but if doom 4 is for the next gen console, that will be different story. I’m expecting a lot from the next gen consoles since Tegra 3 is already on par with Xbox 360 graphics. I’m expecting Tegra 4 to be much better especially if next gen console is getting custom Tegra 4 based chip which focus more on GPU. It would look as good as current PC standard.

    • The problem with RAGE was it was a tech demo and should never have been priced as it was. It wasn’t a bad game, the biggest thing it was lacking was a grand finale ending.

      Overall, I (along with many other people) actually really enjoyed RAGE… RAGE was one of those games, you either loved or hated it).

      And yes, Doom 4 likely will be developed for Consoles… but hopefully ID have decided to wait and focus on the next gen consoles at least.

      • and your already wrong there mate 60fps for Pc 30 FPs for console for the single player portion of the game. im looking forward to this

  • after the fiasco that was doom 3 i’m very meh.

    Doom 1 & 2 were great, awesome games and I don’t know how they lost that feel.

  • After Doom 3 and then Rage (which I didn’t play but the reviews told the story), I really couldn’t care less.

    But I might take a look when it comes out if it has a demo.

  • Can’t wait for Doom 4 loved Doom 3. Though i hope it comes on PC or i won’t be playing will be very disappointed in them if they turn a PC original game into a console exclusive one or even just port the console version to PC will be even more insulting.

  • I liked Doom 3 and Rage. Doom 3 actually had its similarities to the classic Doom games which some people didn’t get, and Rage was awesome fun. Sure, the finale sucked but the action leading up to it was amazing. id learned from the Rage PC launch fiasco as he stated, so Doom 4 will likely have a better release.

  • Hopefully they learnt their lesson from Rage and test the game before releasing it Was totally unplayable on release, Thank you valve for refunding me that pos.

  • >When It’s Done
    Finally, it sounds like there will be a great game to take the bitter taste of DNF away.
    Haha, but seriously.

    Is it possible for a game like Doom1/2 to exist in 2012? I mean, a proper AAA game? Back then, all you had was: a map that you could often see where the next place to go was before you could get there, which is part of the whole keycard mechanic; only 8 weapons, two of them melee; no real sense of realism, at least in that the levels from a real world perspective didn’t make sense and were only there to fuel the gameplay, the things like ammo and health locations, armour and powerups would get pedastals, enemies would be hiding in secret rooms that wouldn’t necessarily lead anywhere; every level felt like a level and not a mission that took place between X hours.

    In comparison to games these days that pretty much require the following or risk getting laughed right into the bargain bin; CUTSCENES, conversations with NPCs to set the scene and location, NPCs for that matter, levels that look real, everything to serve a purpose, and etc.

    If they did make Doom 4 and it was just Doom 2 with a whole bunch of brand new challenging levels with a visual upgrade and maybe some new mechanics, I’d buy that day 1. Day 0 even.

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