Doom 3's Graphically Enhanced Monsters Are Pretty Damn Ugly

Here's your first look at some of the hideous monsters in the upcoming Doom 3 BFG Edition, a re-release of id's first-person shooter that will be out later this year for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Sadly, no head-mounted displays or armour-mounted flashlights here. Just ugly monsters. Ugly, ugly monsters.


    blurry textures and low-poly monsters ahoy!
    I remember when they were making the bad guys in Doom 3, it showed a technology where they would make a high poly model first and then scale it down for the game version. if they still have the data from these, couldn't they re-render some of the beasts with a higher level of detail?

    Might give a try. The pc I had when DOOM 3 came out wasn't up to the task.

    you didnt miss out. it was boring as batsh!t and it makes COD look like a sandbox game.

    I really wanted to like Doom 3 when it came out. Never could finish did scary well (playing in the dark with headphones) but it didn't have the fun factor that Doom/Doom 2 had.

    I honestly wish that Carmack & Romero could kiss & make up - id haven't made a brilliant game since they split.

    The only enchancement I can see made to the game so far is this new fangled tech they invented, called "lighting"! I can actually see whats in front of me.

    Everything nowadays uses super low poly's. its advances in textures and normal mapping (simulated poly's of sorts) that make games look better on outdated systems like the 360 and ps3. games like cod 2 have four times as many poly's as mw2, for instance.

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