The Mortal Kombat Rap: Scorpion Spits "Hot Fire"

We may not be able to play Mortal Kombat (although I'm sure plenty of you have managed to obtain via alternative means) but at least we can watch this awesome Scorpion rap which features the awesome lines, "I spit hot shit, but this ninja really means it/ you'll be hearing 'toastie' and wishing that you dreamed it." Classic stuff.


    That was far to short :P

      gah... *too

        I disagree - I reckon if it went on for longer the joke would have worn off pretty quick. Best to end it on a high.

    Why was I not comissioned to write the beat for this?!

    An explanation! I demand one!

      Umm.. becasue mo-fo's be disrespectin yo hustle, gansta!?

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