The PSP Is Trying To Go Out With A Bang

With the PlayStation Portable on the brink of total irrelevance in the US, Sony is beginning the process of putting its last bundles together, which for anyone who hasn't yet got one and won't be in the market for the upcoming NGP aren't too bad a deal!

The first of these is the "Limited Edition PSP Entertainment Pack", which includes a PSP-3000, 2GB memory stick, Gran Turismo PSP and MLB 11 The Show. You get all that for $US160.

Totally a non-event for current PSP owners, but at that price with those games, it's approaching an "impulse" buy for the curious gamer who has never had a PSP before.


    Honestly they could keep the PSP going another 2 or 3 years.
    And I really hope they do.

    I hope they bring out the Betamax bundle soon!

    I think the PSP is/was a really good system which has/had some awesome games. I've sunk a lot of hours into my PSP and I've enjoyed almost every minute of it.

    ^ Agreed

    As much as I despise my PSPgo, the standard hardware is well worth the coin. With games for the platform being as cheap as they are in Australia, I often consider going back to the older model and having a blowout.

    Why do you hate your PSP Go?

    I only picked up a PSP for the first time recently (cheap PSP Go bundled with 10 games) and I'm loving it. It's tiny enough that it goes with me everywhere.

    why does eveyone hate the go?its the only true portible (size of an ipod,no umds to carry)and it looks grate (not embarising to pull of of ur pocket).the only problem is price and that can be surpased...i got my brand new psp go for 90$ on ebay and i love it!plus you can puase games and use a ps3 controller on it (great if u have it hooked uo to the tv with the media output ables they sell for)it even has slighty better grafics than the psp 3000.also they disontinued umds but they havent discontinued downloads so if u want any new psp games ur gonna have to have a psp go!

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