This Isn't A PC, It's A Murderbox

There are the kinds of PC that the average person can build or buy. Then there are the kinds of extravagant PC the average person will likely never buy but will simply dream of from afar. This is the latter.

It's called a murderbox. Horrible name, beautiful computer. Billed as "a complete, custom built liquid cooled PC", each murderbox uses the "latest hardware" and is "painstakingly assembled" by its creators.

As for specs, those are up to you. But be warned, prices start at $US6000, and "depending on the amount of custom work involved" you could be looking at a PC costing nearly $US20,000.

Like I said, too much for the average gamer, but if you were rich, the build quality looks like they might actually be worth the money.

The pictures below have examples of three murderboxes. The company's site is below.



    i would murder for one of these boxes.....

    Shame the case looks like crap.

    If I were spending $6000 on a PC I'd skip the liquid cooling and fork out the cash I save from that and get a nice looking case and customise it myself.

    Hmm, that red pc looks like something designed to be mounted on a server rack. Are these actually designed for home use or commercial?

    If I were spending $6000 on a pc I wouldn't use a dye in the w/c loop just to find everything gummed up a few months down the road.

    US $6000? Meh, I could build the exact same pc, save about $2000.

    Maybe it's just me, but doesn't buying something like this take all the fun out of custom builds and liquid cooling setups?

      I have water cooling and have for about 7 years, and it was never (very much...) about the coolness of it.

      Actually, it was about the QUIET of it. Having a PC that is quiter than your average 747 taking off is kind of a nice thing, we got so tired of heatsinks that were 40db+, especially on a system that is in a primary room for other entertainments, like DVDs and TV and music.

      Ultimately, remember that your Really Cool Hobby might be someone else's Really Functional Thing and they might not care about the DIY aspect.

    Custom built high-end PC's are all about building them yourself. There can be no satisfaction on buying an overpriced pre-made PC.

    This makes the Mac Pro look affordable.

    You're paying for 80% labour at that price! DIY ftw

    Really, gtx285 for that much money i would want 2 gtx 590...this gtx 295 isnt even listed on nvidia main prduct page, rather on the previous generation expander.. how lame

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