When Japan Does Star Wars, Things Change

In 1987, Namco released Star Wars in Japan for the Famicom, a title that took more than a few liberties with the movie trilogy's storyline. Sounds outrageous, but one look at the game's manual art and everything was suddenly OK.

Why? Because the lizards, scorpions and pterodactyls you're fighting - and that aren't exactly canon - are so damn cute, that's why. As is cute little '80s anime Luke, cute little '80s anime Han Solo (and his GIANT EYEBROWS) and, best of all, a handy galactic map that I'm sure many of you are already hastily pointing out is totally WRONG.

The complete manual to this game, never released outside Japan, can be viewed at the Video Game Den (via Fuck Yeah Famicom).

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    Would've been funnier if you tied this article in with the male daughter one with Luke and Leigha being the same actor and nobody told Han... ;)

    If only they knew Japan's "liberties" would pale in comparison to what Lucas would do.

      This would be hilarious if it weren't so very very true.

    Oh man, I wish Lucas would reincorporate that scene where Luke and Vader battle in Tutankhamun's tomb back into Episode IV.

    Can anyone translate the names there of the enemies and planets?
    I'm curious as to what they are.

      I'm a bit late, but still (going clockwise from top):
      "Isukaron", "Tina", Yavin, Tatooine, "Kesseru". The middle is Death star (Desusutaa!). I'm not a big enough star-wars walking-dictionary to know what "Isukaron" and "Kesseru" should approximate to - "Iscalon" and "Kessel"?

      And man alive, Han looks like Amuro Ray, but more manlier.

        I'm pretty sure Isukaron and Kesseru should be Isalcon and Kessel, I don't know of any Star Wars planets with those names.

    Well at least 3PO looks kind of - OH HOLY CRAP DARTH VADER'S CODPIECE!

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