World Of Warcraft Fans Raise $US800,000 For Charity

World Of Warcraft Fans Raise $US800,000 For Charity

The purchase of hordes of Moonkin Hatchling pets by players in World of Warcraft has resulted in a donation of $US800,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Blizzard, the company behind the game, gave half of the money it made from the sale to the charity and granted the wishes of two of their fans by giving them a tour of the studio (see their visit in the new Blizzard-made video here). Blizzard’s previous WoW charity pet, a Pandaren Monk, raised just over $US1 million.


  • Hang on. Let’s get this story right. Blizzard didn’t donate anything. They sold something and got players money, and then donated the players money. Blizzard are faking here.

    How about they offer to match what donations we give $1.00 per $1.00? THAT would be impressive and generous. WOW! They gave them a combined cheque from other peoples donations.


  • Reading the title I just asumed an average wow player stopped playing on a couple of their accounts for a while.

  • Pretty sure that is money they now no longer have, yes? So they did donate it instead of keeping it for themselves. Last time I checked that’s how it works.

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