Would Rockstar Ever Publish A Game Without Shooting?

The Guardian has an interesting interview with Team Bondi's Brendan McNamara and Rockstar's VP of development Jeronimo Barrera. Plenty of topics are discussed, but this concepts intrigues us most: would Rockstar ever develop and publish a game with no weapons and no shooting whatsoever?

"If games are only going to be about shooting things, dying and starting over," began Barrera, "that's a pretty boring future for us. So here's an opportunity where we thought, how can we make having a conversation be the focus of the gameplay?"

But does Jeronimo see a future where games can be exclusively based around that sort of mechanic?

"Absolutely," he claimed, "and we're flirting with that in this game – there are cases when you never draw a gun or chase a criminal. It's something that's going to happen sooner than later. I have children and when we get together as a family we play games, we don't watch TV. We're a generation that's always been around interactivity, and in the future something like LA Noire could be broadcast directly onto your cable set-top box. It's the future."

LA Noire: the interview [The Guardian]


    Yeah it's called table tennis.

      +1 BURN

    Didn't they make that Table Tennis game a few years back?

    Like they did with Rockstar Table Tennis...

    Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis? I guess at the speed your hitting the ball counts as shooting. Man I love that game.

    They already did a game with no weapons and no shooting. They did Table Tennis for the 360.

    And the Midnight Club series?

    I didn't think there was a lot of shooting in Rockstar Table Tennis.

    Would Rockstar Ever Publish A Game Without Shooting?

    YES is was called Table Tennis http://www.rockstargames.com/tabletennis/

    Like Rockstar Table Tennis?


    unless there were some mini games with guns that I don't know about..

    Hmmm...all these comments give me the impression Rockstar already made a non-shooting game...I just can't quite put my finger on it..

      I think it was "Rockstar Games' presents the Ping Pong World of Mayhem and Murder Simulators 4" might be wrong on that though.

    I really, really, really want them to make a game for kids. The sandbox world is brilliant for children to explore, but the killing, hookers, guns, language make it a no go zone. My kids would love just running taxi or firefighting missions in GTA or horse riding and herding cattle etc. in Read Dead Redemption. It could be the first great educational hit since Carmen Sandiego.

    Please Rockstar, make a game for kids to be able to immerse themselves in your amazing environments.

      Get Bully, sure there is the bully themes throughout the game, but the worst you get is a slingshot and a potato gun. Can't remember if there is any really bad language, but certainly something you can let them play.

      But overall the game is great and quite tame, has the school classes for learning and provides a great time management element as you need to get to class or be in bed by 1-2.

      After all that, I want another Bully game! Get to it Rockstar!

        I've let the kids have a go at Bullu, and they enjoyed it, but they went nuts when I let them ride a horse around the town in RDR, and let them drive a fire engine for 5 minutes in GTA. Both games were far too adult to let them play for more than a few heavily supervised minutes, but they absolutely loved it.

        A RDR type game could be such fun, and very valuable for learning if they had a mode where you could turn off the bad stuff.

          I know we had "Goldfields" or something similar here in Australia compared to the (in)famous "Oregon Trail" - by if Rockstar were to remake/reboot a kind of edutainment game in that vein I would totally buy that.

          okay then... Bully in the RDR setting! Instant classic!

          Make it happen Rockstar! :)

          Perhaps thats why I like Bully so much, taking away the over the top violence and all that, still left an enjoyable game. I think I would enjoy a GTA without a story, but just full of the side missions.

          Fire Fighting
          Pizza Delivery
          Garbage Collection? :p
          Mini golf

          With each mission getting more and more challenging, it would certainly be different.

      I never played it... but wasn't Bully like that?

    OK now that we're past the concurrent Table Tennis references...

    Basically they'd be resurrecting the adventure game genre, with modern AAA polish. Sort of a Heavy Rain project, but perhaps with a less psychotic killer based fiction. This would be a very interesting project that would test a writer's chops. One would have to present a fiction with conflict, goals and character development that doesn't end in violence and bloodshed, but has definite, actionable challenges. Haven't seen too much of that in gaming.

    And yes I'm assuming they're not talking about reverting to sports games.

      A thousand thumbs up to this! My kids have been playing old text adventure games using Frotz on the iPad (http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/frotz/id287653015?mt=8) . I thought they might enjoy it as they were getting into those old "Choose your own adventure" books, and they really had a bit of fun with it. Having full graphical adventure games with real stories and Rockstar's game engine would be bloody marvellous. They should do a collaboration with Lucasarts...

    I hope they patch Table Tennis to add guns.

    What about Table Tennis! Wha?

    Since nobody's mentioned it yet: Table Tennis.

    Table Tennis - regular sports game.

    Midnight Club - racing game

    I'm trying to make a point about non-traditional games!

    [I've been trolled!]

      Is there anything left that is a non-traditional game?
      If they made a gun-free story based game, it would be a traditional adventure game (and I'd pre-order in *now*)

      I'd love to see them make some titles for younger players, or for non-core gamers that were more story driven. I think they could do better than Alan Wake or Heavy Rain. Hell, do a comedy!
      I agree with the story, I have 3 kids and we do not have a TV, but we all gamers, both video games and board games, and I would love more options for 'serious' gaming with the family, rather than lightweight 'family' titles like Kinect based stuff.

    Maybe they could do another take on that Bladerunner game?

      (Psssst Deckard used a gun to hunt the Replicants... just sayin'...)

        *elbows* shhh, don't stop him now, maybe Rockstar is listening :-P

    I guess everyone known Rockstar about GTA and RDR so much that they forgot Table Tennis.

    A SWORD point? A Rockstar game with swords FTW...and MAGIC!

    *glances at headline without reading article*



    I'll take Table Tennis for $50 thanks Alex

    Also Beaterator

    And maybe Bully

    I think they should just stick with what the do best

    Well using their previous gaming heritage. The next GTA could be a GTA/Table Tennis hybrid.

    Where instead of mass gang shoot-outs, one would enter the local table tennis league at the nearest community centre, and have a no-holds battle till the end.

    That I think would be the only way a GTA type game would work without shooting.

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