How Rockstar Games Plans To Update Max Payne 3's Gameplay

Gameplay-wise, the Max Payne titles get remembered for a few things: bullet time, the iconic shootdodge and using painkillers to refresh health. But things have changed since we last saw the hardboiled cop in Max Payne 2 eight years ago.

Rockstar knows this and is tweaking the Payne formula a bit — but not too much — for the upcoming threequel. Two interviews with Gamespot reveals that there will be a cover mechanic in Max Payne 3 but that the grizzled ex-cop won't have regenerating health as is so common in shooters nowadays. Says Rockstar VP of Product Development Jeronimo Barrera:

We also wanted to encourage players to be strategic in their approach to combat spaces and not to rely on cover as simply a point to sit and regenerate health. Max Payne is about the beauty of the gunplay itself, in knowing when to launch yourself into an area, finding the right lines of attack, and perfecting bullet time kills. Regenerating health would have an impact on the game's natural rhythm.

Barrera also talks about new melee moves Max can use and how they're planning to present bullet time so that it feels fresh for both folks who are new to Max and those who count him as an old friend.

Rockstar on Bringing Max Payne Into the Era of Cover Shooters and Regenerating Health [GameStop]


    *witholds frustrated rant*

    I'm still feeling like this is going to be extremely dissappointing for us fans, but everyone else will absolutely love it and fall before the shrine of Rockstar. I'm happy for you, everyone else, I really am. *single tear*

    No health regen is a good thing! Will make the game a bit more challenging.
    Cover bullet time may work similar to Vanquish...vaulting over cover in slow motion and shooting stuff never got old.

    You took cover in the old Max Payne games anyway, without the cover mechanic.

    Here's an idea Rockstar:

    DONT put in regenerating health!

    Crazy I know, but I like realising Im pinned down, low on health and the bad guys are coming at me, then deciding, "F$%k it!" and busting out in slowmo, spraying bullets everywhere in a final, all-out, guns-blazing finale.

    Kinda like what Sarge does here (just with bullets):

      Ummm... that's what they're doing. The article says 'no regenerating health'

        Oh aye they did; reading ftw! I stopped reading when they said they wanted to encourage people to not hide behind something and regen health, as though that option is still there, but theyd rather you didnt do that.

        P.S: dont screw up max payne!

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