A $US90 Gears Of War Makeover For Your Xbox 360

Is your Xbox 360 white? Black? Green? Does it have a "bleed-out" finish? Will it be able to light up when (if?) you're Gears of War 3? Your Xbox 360 probably doesn't have an "infected omen" on its side that lights up in four different ways.

All that could change if you give case-making company Calibur11 $US89.99. They will give you a "Wault", a special illuminated casing that can bolt around your 360 (slim models only). If you do this thing, you'll also be eligible to win a life-size replica of COG armour suit, a suit for which we are sadly lacking a photograph.

Check the Gears Vault's official webpage for more details.

Gears of War Vault [Calibur 11]


    What's the go with the "duck's bill" on the side? :)

    why not buy the one from EB? Looks better imo...
    Just more purple-er..

      Looks better maybe...but if you get tired of that look you can't remove it.

    Yes please!

    The duck bills a controller holder

    What a riced up POS. Do people really WANT this?

    I like the EB one more myself, still tossing up whether to get one or not though :|

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