BioShock Creator Explains Science Behind BioShock Infinite’s Tears

BioShock Creator Explains Science Behind BioShock Infinite’s Tears

One of the most intriguing components of BioShock Infinite, just one of the reasons why the game was nominated “Best of Show” at E3 2011 by critics, was the gameplay concept of tears, the rifts in space-time that can be controlled by your sidekick Elizabeth.

BioShock braniac Ken Levine explains the fictional science behind those tears, how players will use them in Infinite and what impact they’ll have on the unique shooting mechanics of next year’s game. There’s also a snippet or two of actual gameplay, including the much talked about portal that opens the early 20th century city of Columbia into an alternate reality 1980s.

Only watch if you want to make the wait for BioShock Infinite, arriving in 2012 on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, that much more difficult.


  • Things I want to know:
    1, how does a flying city support itself (food, water, resorces etc)
    2,Please explain how they can get a city in the sky first before they can bulid a city underwater.
    3, What does the Infinite in the title mean.

    • 1. scavengers are sent out on airships to acquire supplies from the ground (pure speculation)
      2. airships have been around since the 18th century, and underwater cities? not quite yet…
      3. maybe it refers to the amount of fun you can have with this game…

    • 1. Food is easy, how do you think people have little gardens on their balcony and such? Water…precipitation, rain etc. Other resources can be built in the city itself just like they are on the ground and like all cities/countries etc they would probably have trade agreements for things they can’t get.

      2. I’d think that building a floating city would be easier than an underwater city. Floating city could be built on the ground and raised, an underwater city needs the foundations built into the ocean floor and so on.

      3. Infinite may have something to do with the tears. Infinite realities/worlds.

  • Huh, from reading the title I thought this was a new innovation for crying in an FPS. Which admittedly would look quite interesting as a vision blocking device.

    Though really, if anyone was going to invent that, it would be the Far Cry series (ba dum tsh).

  • I freaked out thinking the title read; “BioWare creator explains science behind BioShock Infinite’s Tears”

    Then went into psycho mode thinking BioWare are developing this and then worrying about Mass Effect 3. Then thinking the title wouldn’t make much sense unless it said ‘BioWare DEVELOPER’.

    And now I feel like a fool.

  • Wow, I had no idea there was anything like this going on in the game. Now it looks somehow even more awesome.

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