BioShock Infinite Shoots Up The VGAs With An Explosive New Trailer

BioShock Infinite Shoots Up The VGAs With An Explosive New Trailer

At the 2012 Video Game Awards, Ken Levine of Irrational Games previewed the latest trailer from BioShock Infinite, which is now releasing on March 26. This appears to be entirely in-game footage, with 75 seconds of that being straight gameplay and not cinematics.


  • How annoying are those on screen prompts?!! “A” to attack “X” to such and such, what is this “My First Shooter” by Matell? That crap better go away after a tutorial period.
    Apart from that, this is a game I’m hanging for.

  • Two things. . .
    When in the story does she cut her hair off?
    And when did the developers cut her little finger off?

  • It looks great, but:
    2 weapon limit? Oh, fuck right off.
    Cinematic animation is appalling. I get the style they’re trying to go for, it’s not a realistic looking game, but that animation is terrible

  • I wish they had shown a ‘quieter’ trailer instead. I hate when developers feel like they need to bombard the audience with chaos in these shows. Naught Dog had the best trailer.

  • Another FPS designed primarily with the console audience in mind, this, the genere that was invented & perfected on the PC?

    Fuck the modern industry.

  • i must say that while Bioshock 2 is more like an expansion (much like Uncharted 3 is to 2), it looks as if infinite is going to be a massive sequel with new ideas and content to expand the universe.

  • The trailer’s a little busy for me. I already know the gameplay will be great, what I was looking for was a little more backstory, a little context. It seems like Irrational just want to assure everyone that the mechanics aren’t broken and that the game plays well.
    There just wasn’t enough in the trailer which shows why Infinite will be different to everything else on the market. That first trailer for Bioshock did a fantastic job of differentiating the property, something which is sorely lacking in this one. I think for gamers not familiar with what Bioshock is, it would have served them better to focus on the world rather than the gameplay.

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