Boy, Those God Of War PSP Games Look Better On PS3

As you'd expect, of course, but given many fans may have missed out on the two excellent PSP games, it's still good news. These HD re-releases, known as The God of War Collection, will be out in September.


    Sweet, would love to have a go at these on PS3.

    (And it's GOW Origins Collection)

    What is the length of these games like in comparison to GOW 1,2,3?

      From memory (of reviews), shorter, maybe 6-8 hours each?

        The original GOW clocks in about 6-8 hours also, GOW II is the longest from memory.

        Overall, both games certainly hold up well enough as a stand alone game. Both together for $50 (?) is worth your time.

    Chains of Olympus would be about 6 hours. Ghost of Sparta is 7 - 8 hours.

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