Clearing Up – Sort Of – Where Colonial Marines Fits In Aliens Canon

Clearing Up – Sort Of – Where Colonial Marines Fits In Aliens Canon

When Aliens: Colonial Marines‘ official game announcement billed it as a “true sequel to James Camerson’s classic Aliens“, diehard fans of the film trilogy took that to mean the game would undo the events of the controversial Alien 3, harshly criticized by Aliens director James Cameron and some of its principal cast. Not so, says the studio making Colonial Marines.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is consistent and compatible with the history of events established by the three key films,” Randy Pitchford, co-founder and CEO of Gearbox Software, said yesterday over Twitter.

So that means that Hicks and Newt – whose demises Cameron considered an insult to Aliens and its many fans – are still dead. That is, if this game is indeed set after the events of Alien 3. The release doesn’t say; it mentions only that the Sulaco is abandoned above LV-426. That could suggest this game takes place between Aliens and Alien 3; a 2008 interview said the game would take place after Alien 3 but then, that was 2008. The game has been in development since 2006.

In the end, Hicks and Newt are still dead. Sorry to break the bad news to you.


  • How can they find the Sulaco abandoned above LV-426? The only way I can see that happening (and finding the colony still intact) is if they arrive there while Ripley and the others are still down on the planet i.e. BEFORE the end of Aliens.

    If I recall the movie correctly, they had no way to call for rescue, and help wouldn’t arrive for something like 17 days. In the movie they were only there for 2 or 3 days, weren’t they?

    • 17 days is the magic number. And that is when I’d expect Colonial Marines to be set. Of course too late to save Hicks and Newt as they’re on their way out of system by that time.

      The question is however how much of the planet is left after the little explosion that took out the colony?

      • But if Hicks and Newt are on their way out of the system, that means the Sulacco is on its way out of the system too. How can the Sulacco still be in orbit with Ripley, Newt, Hicks and Bishop on-board if it departed LV-426 en route to its eventual destination Fiorina-161. I agree with Braaains – if this game is meant to fit with Alien 3’s canon then why on earth did Ripley and co. have their cryo tubes crash land on Fury if the Sulacco was intercepted by a USCM platoon?

  • It better not be like the last ‘aliens vs predator’ crap.

    Follow-the-path scripted BS which caused extreme boredom!

  • What I still don’t understand is how the hell the story is going to make sense.

    Half the planet basically got nuked and destroyed at the end of Aliens, not even a single part of the colony would have been left there (And I’m pretty sure that is the ONLY colony on the whole planet)

    How is this game going to make sense? Are they pretending it hasn’t been nuked or something?

  • Ok, this is majorly geeky but do we actually get to see the Sulaco in Alien 3? Could they plausibly say that the fire and escape pods in alien3 were from some other vessel (eg an escape shuttle) and the Sulaco was left behind orbiting LV426? I cant recall if there was a shot of the Sulaco, and there would be no reason to leave it behind but….?

    • Yeah, Alien 3 started off inside the Sulaco , with them still asleep in their cryo bed things. There was a face hugger on board, presumably courtesy of the alien queen at the end of Aliens which got into Ripley’s pod… I think it burned its way in using acid, and that started a fire which led to the Sulaco automatically ejecting the passengers, who then landed on that prison planet, but only Ripley survived the landing. I think all that was during the opening credits.

      At least that’s how I remember it… been a while since I watched it.

  • I had a theory for years that we don’t actually know how far away the crashed alien ship was from the colony. You only see Newt and her family visiting it in Aliens – it’s possible the ship survived the blast from the overloaded reactor in the colony. We’re just assuming the nuke killed them all. (except for the queen who made it aboard the Sulaco via the dropship, obviously)

    There’s all manner of ways they could explain this, really.

  • I never realised facehuggers had a legit vagina, labia and all… so many emotions right now

    • The aliens were originally a HR Giger design – the man had more than a little sexual content in his art.

      That was one of the things that was originally so disturbing about the facehugger – it’s essentially raping your face.

    • It looks that way, but it also has a surprise ‘Tube’ that extends down your throat and ‘ejects seed’ into your stomach… so yeah, like Cody said… Giger designed a creature that rapes you in the mouth and impregnates you with a ‘child’ that will utterly destroy your body on its way out ;-P

      Happy dreaming, yeah?

  • I have to admit, killing off Newt as a casual, pointless opening in Aliens 3 pretty much killed the series for me. It was like, the entire last movie almost had no point whatsoever.

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