Fancy A One Month Free Foxtel Trial On Xbox 360?

This is a pretty swish deal - a free one month trial for Foxtel on Xbox 360. It couldn't come at a worse time for me, since the main reason I had for maybe subscribing was to watch European soccerball, but I'll probably still give it a bash.

The process is pretty simple - you have to register on Foxtel's site, download the application over Xbox LIVE and then follow the instructions on the console to get your free month.

It sounds too good to be true, but I'm guessing the challenge for this service is making people aware of it, and this deal is an incentive to get plenty of potential customers to download the Foxtel app, removing one of the major barriers of entry for purchase.

Let us know how you go.

Thanks Alan for the heads up.


    They had a deal like this on one of the coupon sites yesterday.

    there are 2 things to keep in mind

    1. You will have to physically call and cancel the subscription before the end of the free month, otherwise you will start being billed

    2. If you are not with bigpond, you will cop data usage charges through the roof. So if you don't have an unlimited plan or bigpond, then give this a miss

      Im not sure about having to call them. I called foxtel and confirmed yesterday and they informed me that i had to cancel online, which was foxtel/ or similar.

      You are right about the data usage though.

      I just got it to test it out on my pissy ADSL2+ connection which is 6km from the exchange. It actually works REALLY well. Not 1080p but streamed flawlessly. I was actually really happy with it.

      I wont use it because i already have foxtel and multiroom so this is a waste, but for nothing, Ill have it for a month.

    Mark, you may want to add that you also get a voucher for 30 days of xbox live gold as part of this deal.

    I signed up for this yesterday and will probably set it up tonight. I figure it's going to be terrible quality with my connection speed anyway, but there's only one way to find out!


    Thanks Chuloopa, confirmed exactly what I was going to ask.

    Yeah, Foxtel's sneaky. With the non-xbox version they'll usually give you first month free with all the channels. You get used to having them so you don't change to a lesser package andthey get more money out of you than they otherwise would have.

    I don't think I'll ever get Foxtel again until they let you pick and choose exactly what channels you get in their 'basic' package instead of automatically giving you channels you'll never want to watch.


      I remember when Galaxy was still around (before Foxtel ever existed) their packages were very flexible and had the pick and choose style. Foxtel were the first to come onto the market with strict package setups. The bastards! :P

    Sweet - I can watch the NBA finals live and then cancel in 2 weeks :)

      oooh -good idea!

        I was thinking the same thing and have just signed up.

        I'm willing to take the hit to my internet downloads to watch the finals :)

          As a Heat fan of 20yrs Foxtel's timing could not have been better :)

    Being in a rural area I can't even sign up :( Not until the Foxtel / Austar merger all goes through

      Just put in a different postcode/address - you'll be fine...

    I've been using the service since it was introduced, was a no brainer as the basic package + entertainment was half the price of a cable connection, plus I can hook it up anywhere with a stable net connection.

    When I moved the other month, all I had to do was plug it into the net and off it went!

    In regards to usage, I had to seriously look at it as my new place can't get TPG's unlimited plan. According to Foxtels FAQ the usage is approximately the following;

    High Quality: 800MB
    Medium Quality: 540MB
    Low Quality: 360MB

    Personally I chew through around 60-80GB of bandwidth a month on this service, but am on an iinet 200GB plan so its not a hassle.

    Yea, you will be charged after the free month, so I would have to actually remember to cancel the subscription, which is has danger written all over it. Good deal if you have a good memory, check out the free sample vids to see what the quality is like, it works pretty well.

    Also worth noting that we get Showtime, and antoher movie channel for free for the month of June

    Too bad you can only get it in the capital cities..

    Too bad it's not available in my area because I'm in an 'Austar' region :(

    If i sign up for this, get the email for the free month of xbox live gold then cancel the foxtel part of it, will the xbox live gold be cancelled as well?

    Why does it say it will charge $19.50 and then it asks for credit card details, people have very different definitions of the word 'Free' these days..

    John it only says that but one you go through it all they send you an email pretty much saying "you have purchased foxtel blah blah blah because you have set up a new subscription you have one month free if not cancelled with in a month you will be charged $19.50 for every month after" also they will send another email with 1 month gold membership for free

    Suspiciously, I haven't been asked for credit card details or anything, I'm half way through setting it up and I've already selected the $19.50 a month subscription option, so does this mean that they can bill it straight out of my Xbox Live account?

    I'm not signing up for this, I can already see the debt collectors on my ass.

    This is a scam by Foxtel
    If you have already registered for a Foxtel profile you are ineligible for this offer.
    However when you sign up for the offer the website asks if you already have a profile as part of the steps to register. It does not tell you that if you click yes you are now no longer going to get free foxtel.

    F*** you foxtel

    Has anybody tried to cancel their subscription?

    Everything on their website says I haven't been billed anything, which is promising, but when the time comes I want to know how to break free.

    i've tried about 6 times to cancel online and each time it says there is an error. tried calling but i sit on hold for 1/2 hour and hang up in frustration

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