Foxtel On 360: Pricing Announced

Foxtel On 360: Pricing Announced

Foxtel On 360: Pricing AnnouncedPricing for the Foxtel service on Xbox 360 has been revealed today. The ‘Get Started’ package featuring FOX8, MTV, Nickelodean, Channel [V] , Lifestyle, YOU, Discovery, National Geographic, and more will cost you $20 per month, with extra packages starting at $10 per month.

A minimum internet speed of 1.5mbps is recommended for the service, which (outside of Foxtel on Demand) is only available to Xbox LIVE Gold members. Pre-existing Foxtel account holders will be able to attach their Xbox 360 as a multi-room account. There are currently no plans in place with any Internet Service Providers to provide unmetered content on Foxtel.

David McLean, Managing Director of Xbox Australia said, “we couldn’t be more pleased to be partnering with Foxtel – an organisation with more high quality film, television and sports content than any other in Australia. Together we’re pioneering the delivery of Internet TV on a scale not yet seen in this country.”

The packages available are as follows…

LIVE TV Packages

Get Started: FOX8, MTV, Nickelodeon, Channel [V] , LifeStyle, YOU, Discovery, National Geographic, TV1, SKY NEWS, FOX Sports News and CNN.

Entertainment Package: MTV Hits, MTV Classic, [V]Hits, UKTV, Disney, The Comedy Channel, Discovery Turbo MAX, Nat Geo Adventure, Universal, BBC Knowledge, and SCI FI.

Sports Package: FOX SPORTS PLAY, ESPN, Eurosport and FUEL TV. FOX SPORTS PLAY will be an Xbox 360 exclusive channel specially programmed to feature Australia’s most-loved sports programming, including Hyundai A-League Football, Barclays Premier League Football, Rugby Union Spring Tour, KFC Twenty20 Big Bash, India vs New Zealand test cricket, live boxing, ATP World Tour tennis finals and many more.

Showtime movies package: Showcase and Showtime Premiere.

Movie Network movies package: Movie One and Movie Two.

What do you guys think? Will you be paying these prices for Foxtel on your Xbox 360? The lack of unmetered access with any ISP seems like a bit of a dealbreaker. We have no doubt that a deal will be struck at some point, but for now it feels like an issue that needs resolving if this service is to be successful.

Foxtel on Xbox 360 Packages [insiderX]


  • Ok – lets be frank here – with all the new free to air channels, who actually needs foxtel anymore?

    I sure as hell don’t…

    • Quit true. Hell, most of my TV time is ABC1 or 2 (Doctor Who, QI, Deadwood, Breaking Bad, Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the Colbert Report, the IT Crowd). And even then, I can watch iView unmetered.

        WHAT CHANNEL?!?1 WHAT TIME?!?!


          • Does this sound mysterious?
            Yeah, yeah it’s quite mysterious.
            Damn, I was hoping for ruddy mysterious…

            Chuloopa, The IT Crowd always has been on ABC. You can watch the first two episodes of the latest season (4) on iView.

            Or, the episodes are on Wednesdays ABC1 9pm, or the repeat of said episodes are on Mondays ABC2 9:30pm. Which means tonight there’ll be a repeat of ep2. Go go go!

      • I considered getting it to keep up with ye olde soccerball back in the UK, but not really worth the effort I don’t think.

    • I couldn’t beleive people kept paying after Foxtel introduced ads!

      Remember when it first came out, AD FREE?

      Still repeats all the same crap every day…

    • There is no comparisson to those weak extra free to air channels and fox/ Austar. I really love my Austar and have a nice list of shows I watch regularly.

  • This still doesn’t solve the main problem I have with Foxtel and the reason why I gave up on it: I want to choose the channels that go in my ‘Get Started’ package.

  • I have a 100gb plan but struggle to get through half of it. Anyone know what the impact of 2-3 hours a day of Foxtel would be on a download limit?

    • I streamed “the worlds” 12 hours of BBC at around 10 gigs 2 months ago… I don’t know if that’s going to be the same, but I’d say it’ll be close.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this, as I had to get rid of Foxtel recently when I was told the new apartment building I’ve moved into has no wiring for Foxtel.

    However, now that I’m used to no Foxtel, I need confirmation of the Fox Sports AFL games being available or I won’t be signing up. From what I’m hearing, no AFL or NRL will be provided.

    • Get a t-box through bigpond. You can stream the 24/7 AFL, NRL and v8 Supercar channels as much as you want, free, unmetered.

  • They’ve structured it terribly imo. The packages should be seperate from each other, I shouldn’t have to have the 20/m get started package if i only want sport.

  • …not a week ago I said I didn’t think this was happening. Only further compounded by the fact I don’t like egg. :/

    Channels aren’t too bad, choosing your own from different tiers of pricing would be better though. A shame anti-siphoning laws stop NRL being shown but, as you say Mark, no unmetered internet arrangement is the dealbreaker. Hopefully we hear something in the near future though.

    • I think it’s only a matter of time before we hear something on that. I’m very surprised they didn’t come straight out of the gate with someone though.

    • This is pretty much my feeling. I was looking forward to this because I have no other way to watch the sports I like, and I’d rather not pay for the other channels that I know I won’t use 🙁

  • Okay so not only am I paying for the service, I would be paying through the nose with my precious precious bandwidth?

  • I have fox in 2 rooms at my house. I don’t have it in my study though and the only reason I would get it is for sport.

    ‘Fox Sports Play’ is not the kind of thing i’d be wanting to sign up for though. I’d want to be able to choose what I get to watch based on the 3 fox sports channels already in existence.

    Would it be in HD?

  • Foxtel should be free with the amount of advertising they cram into it nowadays, it’s as bad as regular TV…

    • I’m quite happy to pay $20 a month less if there are ads.

      The only ads that matter are the ones for things you are watching live (if you have iQ, then there’s no need to see any ads), and the ones in sport are only during appropriate breaks, and not during play.

      Very happy with Foxtel, and would pay the $100/month just for HD Sport.

  • have the antenna man at my house now installing a aerial as i have the you know whats with fox.

    the problem with fox is they make you buy all the crap you don’t want to get the channels you do want.

    i think you would find that subscriptions would go through the roof if they gave the people a lot more freedom in what channels they could choose. and they wonder why they are having record losses.

    and i agree with everyone else, unmeatered content is a must because its not $20 a month when you have to pay for the content your downloading.

    geez they must take us all for idiots.

    • Erm, what?

      They aren’t experiencing record losses at all, they’ve turned a profit every year since they stopped losing money back in 2005-2006. It was always going to be a long road – they had invest a lot in infrastructure.

      The internet is full of singular annecdotes along the lines of “we’re getting rid of foxtel – channel BT and Freeview are good enough for us!” but the overwhelming majority of people that sign up for Pay TV keep it for the long haul.

      The economic reality of “a la carte” access is that you’d probably end up paying more for less channels than you do now.

  • Surely since Foxtel has an arrangement with Telstra already and has a stake in them, surely, they would be the first ISP that would offer unmetered access.

  • I pay a load ($140) for 2 x MyStar HD boxes with all Channels. I’d like to know if I can get this in a regional area as previously you could only get Austar. Also with MyStar HD (well it’s only 1080i) you get HD and can record, can you do that on the Xbox? I doubt it.

  • $69.95+ for Internet with enough data to handle lots of FOXTEL viewing
    $10.95 for a month of XBOX LIVE Gold
    $20 for the FOXTEL on XBOX starter pack
    $10+ for every other channel you want

    Discovering BitTorrent: PRICELESS.

    • I was just about to say exactly this, though without the BitTorrent reference 😛 Its a perfect example of the bullshit way that media gets packaged and sold to us these days. I can’t understand why anyone would take up this kind of offer.

      I’d be far more tempted to buy IP TV from iiNet, if they would stream it down a regular ADSL line instead of giving me yet another black box to plug into the damn TV.

    • I didnt read it that way. I read it saying that IF you are ern existing subscriber that you can hook it up as a multi room account… if you are not, then you become a new member??? could be wrong but i didn;t read that you had to already be a subscriber at all…

  • Damn! I was really looking forward to this. With time for gaming slim enough it’s hard to warrant pay TV. I was looking forward to watching the EPL and NRL on the 360. Oh, well. I guess I’ll continue to stream them on the PS3 through p2p.

    Why can they not show NRL and AFL?

  • Foxtel has been pissing me off lately. Received a letter the other week saying they are increasing the price by $3 or something. Every little increase just boils my bloody that little bit more and I am very close to leaving.

    Foxtel is terrible anyway, they repeat the same bloody shows day in day out. I use to enjoy watching it as it had little or no ads and the programs were fresh and new. Now it is outdated rubbish.

    This is an interesting concept but it is overpriced! Current foxtel subscribers should receive the new Xbox service for free.

  • I’d be more tempted if it carried the free to air channels like 7 and 10; my aerial coverage here sucks, and I’d pay $20 a month probably.

    But then they require xbox live gold. Nope, not happening. Microsoft has done an amazing job of making you pay to use the hardware you bought from them.

  • We already have Foxtel and I rarely watch it as is. It’s indeed the rampant advertising you get these days that turns me off. That and all they do is repeat the same episodes of anything ooover and ooover..

    There’s only so many times you can watch the same episode of the Simpsons and Big Cat Diary….

  • While looking at their site i just realised, have they now got rid of the standard digital STB for IQ being standard on all home installations after November 1st? There’s no mention of the current ones being available besides as a multi-room STB

  • no good for us RIm’d/CMUX ADSL1 restricted users on congested speeds less that 1.5mb/s …
    I wonder if Bigpond users will get better service as Telstra OWN foxtel these days…:/

  • Alright ill say it… Seeing as MS has signed an agreement with ESPN to bring the channel to the next dashboard update… Why do we have to pay for it here?

  • Is content streamed directly from Foxtel’s servers or is it via Xbox Live servers? Several ISPs (eg iiNet) have deals with Microsoft to provide Xbox Live access unmetered.

    Also, any word whether existing subscribers might get a discount for this? We’ve got foxtel on one of our TVs but the second one (my games box) we passed on because apparently Foxtel won’t allow you to have two HD boxes – could only get an old SD digital box. Plus we’re on Satellite so being able to have content delivered digitally in HD is fairly attractive too, less atmospheric interference.

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