Far Cry 3 Is Stabbing Guys In The Chest In 2012

Ubisoft just unveiled a new Far Cry game during the company's E3 press conference. It's due in 2012. More details to come.

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    If they fix the few gameplay issues from the first (respawning enemies, working both factions) this will be amazing...

      Respawning enemies wasn't an issue IMO woulda made the game boring once I wiped out all the outposts

        Agreed. However, they could've integrated the re-spawning with a little more eloquence and finesse.

        Agreed it was the way respawns were handled... if I clear a camp or area it should at least be a gameday to repopulate.
        Would've loved for the outposts etc to be under different faction control - would have been nice to be able to choose to go a friendly longer route or a deadly shorter route...

      Working both factions? Are you guys talking about FC1 or FC2?

    The factions were in FC2.

    Am I the only one that preferred the open but Liner Gameplay of the first over the pure open world of the second game? I found the second one I would waste my time driving around, clear out an outpost or two and really didn’t feel like I was having any effect when enemies continuality respawned. Im cool with reinforcements showing up mid action but just go away and they have magically returned feels like a cop out. I am also really happy they are returning to a jungle setting.

      First one is wired though I remember playing it and thinking so they ran out of ideas and just made some bloody zombies :p

      Yeah it did have the advantage in that the open but linear thing allowed for some awesome vistas that they ensured you would see.

      My issue with far cry 2 infact my only issue was the sheer amount of dirt and shacks. It was missing some of the more grand locations of the original

    Please tell me theyre using Cryengine 3, bring the game back to its original owners.

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