Here's That Action-Packed TERA Online Combat I Was Telling You About

Remember back in our big role-playing games of E3 2011 article, when I called out Bluehole Studios' TERA Online for its fast-paced combat and larger-than-life enemies? Here's a video that explains what I was talking about.

It's not quite a massively multiplayer online action game, but it comes pretty close. I know it's easy to write-off an MMO because of that trademark Asian art style, but damn, would you look at that beast they're fighting? Who wouldn't want a piece of that?

I'm intrigued. You might not be. That's why I've included a 30-screenshot gallery to cover my tracks while I make my escape.

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    Look at the archer and the mage during the first part of the movie. Just standing still spamming the same ability.... made me think of WoW

    All future mmos really need to go with a more action oriented combat system. The current system the majority of mmos use is boring.

    The landscapes looks grreeeaaattt.

    And pointing, that guy pointing is good at it!

    Monster Hunter with mages.
    Ok then.

    Yeah MMO's are getting stale. The genre really needs a genre redefining revolution.

    I loved Monster Hunter Tri to bits, so the thought of having the same sort of combat system in a full MMO... *drools*. REALLY hoping we get to play it here. Online action combat games of this scale have a poor track record of being playable from Australia when we don't get a server in this region (APB, Vindictus etc).

    Will be watching this one closely.

    Difficulty and hitbox detection will be huge in deciding whether this is any good.

    Also don't bring up Monster Hunter Tri, it makes you look ignorant since it was the worst game in the franchise.

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