From Costa Rica With Dr. Strangelove

It's not everyday that Kotaku features Costa Rican cosplayers. And it's also not everyday that Kotaku features Costa Rican cosplayer dressed as a character from a game set in...Costa Rica!

This is not everyday. This is June 29, 2011.

Here's Costa Rica's TenshinoSekai cosplaying as Dr. Strangelove from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, a game set in Costa Rica. Photos by Hao Chung. Nice work!

Dr. Strangelove Photoshoot by TenshinoSekat [deviantART Thanks, Brandon!]


    This is nothing like the movie.

    (On a side not when i first saw said movie I thought it was ment to be taken seriously)

      Yes Mein Furher... I mean Mr President....

      You do know this is MGS Peace Walker btw right?

        Yeah I do but I didnt know MGS had a Dr Strangelove in it (hence nothing like the movie)

    Pretty Cool. Now. Where's the "Kaz in his underwear on a beach" cosplay?

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