Gaming Is One Reason This Driving Technology Is A Bad Idea

According to UK windscreen replacement company Autoglass, this video represents a future where augmented reality windshield displays can usher in a new era of driver safety. At least until gamers get a hold of them.

In theory, this is an excellent idea. Pedestrian and cyclist warnings, arrows pointing to important landmarks, messages warning us of speed traps; this is an ambitious vision of the future of driving that would likely never work. Why? Here's one of the video's YouTube comments:

Cool, although the cyclist warning should be a target so you can take them out.

Why not? No one would in their right mind would actually take out cyclists with their cars. It would just be a quick modification for shits and grins.

And while we're at it, let's create an augmented reality game where we earn points for passing certain real world objects. Oh, and let me play Tetris during red lights. Let's mount a button on the steering wheel so we can shoot imaginary aliens with our headlights! Oh screw it, just take out the cyclists, there's an achievement for them now.

Perhaps we should stick to dashboards? They've worked pretty well so far.

Stunning Autoglass video presents futuristic vision of windscreens [Joe.IE]


    Yeeeah most drivers seem to not pay enough attention as it is, this will just train them to spent their time reading the screen instead of watching the road or actually looking out for pedestrians and other hazards.

    But can I get Facebook status updates?

    ... I've got to be honest, gaming is the least of the problem. All the facebook, twitter, skype, email, "At this spot in time..." apps that would end up on these things...

    Give the damn target - it'd be *saving* people.

    This wouldn't work in Melbourne. The amount of different signs that appear every 5 seconds on the sides of the road is enough trouble as it is. Trying to read even more stuff on a HUD in your car will give you a greater chance of someone being killed.

    How does this not make total sense? I would far prefer my speed, tacho, gps and radio to all be on the screen where I can quickly view it without having to refocus and reexpose my eyes looking away from the road down into the cockpit of the car

      The reason why those things aren't on the windscreen is because they are more distracting, if every two seconds a little moving bit of info is displayed will you keep looking at the road? Your eye's will still have to shift and focus.

      In a world where gaming has reduced the amount of GUI and HUD, these burks slap it on thick.
      Here's a simple test look at an eye chat and try to read the lines, while doing this have someone facing you and waving their hand just below the line your reading.
      Driving is for driving if you want to do other things sit in the passenger seat.

        Um... there is already a "little moving bit of info" on the windscreen. The world outside the car that we are looking at. Oh so distracting!

        I agree with markd. I would love to have all the dashboard stuff up on the windscreen where I could see it without having to take my eyes off the road. That's half the reason I think speed cameras in school zones are so ridiculously stupid - it's so hard to keep the car sitting at or under 40, your eyes are pointed down into the car making sure you don't go too fast instead of actually keeping an eye on the road for any kids jumping out on the road trying to get killed.

    If you thought texting while driving was dangerous what's gonna happen if people get facebook. I know half a dozen girls who would be dead at the side of the road with the shattered image of farmville flickering on their cracked windscreen.

    The camera is not on straight. Therefore this whole expirement is a fail!

    Live pizza tracker.

    Yeah. As pointless as this is distracting. Don't we have GPS systems for that kind of thing?

    Mechanical and telemetry data I think is fine for an HUD. As is proved by vehicles currently capable.

    Anything else is just asking for trouble.

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