Grand Theft Auto IV Really Is A Giant Toybox

Reader forsinain42 has put together this beautiful tilt-shift video showing a day in the life of Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City.

Adorable, no? Also makes you appreciate the technical work that went into the game, as it focuses on the things that you may never even realise were even in Liberty City if all you do is drive fast cars and shoot people.


    Interesting. The only things I thought were odd are the way pedestrians will just appear in certain scenes and also how they cross the road in front of traffic. Good that the car AI is programmed to not run them over!!

    i love gta IV

    The reason I play this game with a first person mod is there is so much happening in this game. Being in first person and spending hours just walking around really makes you appreciate how much was put into it.
    All the little things you miss if you just fly through it in a car all the time.
    Bring on the next instalment!!

    Great clip, but the whole minature blur camera thing is annoying.

    gta V plz

    Looks different but not convinced it works for me. will not be making a decision until I've either played the game or at least experienced a demo.

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