A Beautiful New Perspective On Grand Theft Auto's Liberty City

Thanks to PC mods, people can still impress us with the beauty of 2008's Grand Theft Auto IV. Lighting and weather effects can go a long, long way in making Rockstar Games' crime epic very, very pretty. It's even prettier as a postcard.

The screenshot artistry of Dead End Thrills - previously featured on Kotaku - refocuses on Grand Theft Auto IV from breathtaking new angles. And with the help of some visual mods and creative tweaks, it makes for a lovely set of pixelated postcards from Liberty City.

If you're looking for a new wallpaper or just want to see GTAIV's city as never before, head over to Dead End Thrills.

Archive for Grand Theft Auto [Dead End Thrills via Rockstar]


    Has there been a mod made to allow us to play from the birds-eye viewpoint of early games? Because that would be AWESOME!

      I'm pretty sure there was actually.
      I don't think it worked too well.

    Thats awesome. I hope Rockstar do something like this for GTA V. Have an option to switch between 3rd person and birds eye. How great would that be?!

      Pretty terrible actually. GTAIII had a birds eye view in it, and it played terribly.

      Couldn't actually see what you were doing.

        It was terrible because they tacked it on terribly. The camera was too close to the street and when you drove faster the camera wouldn't pull out and back like it did in the originals. I would love to play GTA IV in old school fashion.

    Very very pretty. Pretty empty worlds.

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