It's GTAIII, Running On GTAIV's Engine

Similar to the Vice City Rage project (and the San Andreas Rage project), here's an undertaking bringing the world design of Grand Theft Auto III's Liberty City to the more robust engine of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Why bother? Same old classic game world you know and love, only now the cars drive better and the on-foot combat isn't an exercise in self-flagellation.

If you want to try it out, you can grab it at the link below.

Grand Theft Auto 3 On Rage Engine [GTA Forums, thanks Sebastian]


    Does this include the full story campaign?

    2nd video, um omg that doof has blown out my windows... i went to get a coffee and got bounced down the stairs.

    Also downloading now

    Is there a mod that changes the driving in IV back to the driving in San Andreas, I would love that.

    I hated the driving in GTA IV. SA probably wasn't as realistic, but it was far more fun.

    Oh man the only problem with GTA3 is that its missing some of the great simple innovations that VC and SA brought with them.

    Namely, the ability to get out of a car IMMEDIATELY if it is on fire, rather than having to come to a full stop, then slowly get out of the car and run. It's a time bomb! You have less than 10 seconds to escape! DON'T WORRY ABOUT PARKING THE CAR.

    Mind you, if this is a full engine swap I imagine the cars wouldn't explode so soon anyway.

      Wow, I always thought you could bail out? Double tap exit?

    Hopefully someone can HD-ify GTA 1 and 2 and the london expansion.

    Come to think of it a top down HD collection of GTA 1, 2 and london would be great for PSN/XBLA or the Vita.

      I want Liberty and Vice City Stories for XBLA, probably won't happen though

    A) Call me when they do this for San Andreas.
    b) Mouse and keyboard driving is terrible. The GTA series is best played with a controller. I have a headache from watching that video jerk around.

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