Grand Theft Auto's Liberty City Has Been Buried In Sand, And It Looks Incredible

While most Grand Theft Auto IV mods do little more than add a stupid character to the game or mess with the visuals, this mod - called Desert Storm - does something way more drastic.

It covers the city in sand. Like, it buries the entire city in the stuff. In a very Spec Ops/Dubai kind of way.

You'd be forgiven for thinking it's just a cosmetic effect, but no. Stick with the video above long enough and you'll see people driving all over the stuff.

If you want to try Desert Storm out, you can grab it below.

Desert Storm [GTA4 Mods]


    Creepy empty world though.

    That looks awesome. I wonder if there is anyway to get into the subway still

    All we need now is a 'Day After Tomorrow' Mod which simulates a huge flood so you get to run away and then ice and snow 2 stories deep.

    I think the San Andreas mod is a lot more impressive than some sand dumped on Liberty City.

    This is cool. The pyramid is awesome if a bit strange...

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