In The Grim Future, There Are Only Teaser Trailers For Warhammer Games

In The Grim Future, There Are Only Teaser Trailers For Warhammer Games
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The very definition of a tease, this is a clip for upcoming MMO Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium, a game set in the classic sci-fi universe of the same name.


  • Interested in this. Have been somewhat following this.

    But this was an exceptionally barren teaser. The last teaser showed way more and was a lot more exciting.
    This teaser makes me fear that it’s going to be just another overhyped generic mmo.

    • Given that even the bajillion-dollar The Old Republic is at its heart a generic WoW clone, I don’t really hold much hope for any innovation in the MMO genre for a long time to come 🙁 the only thing this has going for it is the brand name, but unfortunately that wasn’t enough to keep me interested in Warhammer Online (the fact that everybody was a total idiot and had no idea how to play their classes and they all picked the same Chaos Champion class certainly didn’t help either).

  • If I’m not mistaken, most of that footage was in the last promo that Cray spoke about before except they just put a yellow tint (Imperial Fists) over it.

    As much as I adore the books and love the franchise in particular Dawn of War 1 (Not crazy for DOW2), I am not holding out much hope for Dark Millenium being any good given how boring and crap Warhammer Online was.

  • Just going by the rules of the table top, 1 Space Marine is not the equivilent of anything but a Space Marine.

    Do you want to be the guy with a flashlight (las gun) and a flak jacket? Or an 8ft tall super human in power armour with a machine gun that fires rockets (Bolter)?

    My biggest fear about KOTOR is 90% of the online population will be Jedi/Sith.

    And in all honesty, as cool as the other classes are, years of lore have taught us that Jedi/Sith are the coolest, baddest, toughest guys in the galaxy.

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