Inversion’s E3 Trailer Is Mostly Right-Side-Up

Inversion’s E3 Trailer Is Mostly Right-Side-Up

Inversion might look like other cover-based shooter, but it’s attempting to turn the subgenre on its ear. Literally. The game is Gears of War meets gravity.

Check out Kotaku‘s Inversion impressions from this April.


  • Almost being put off by every game putting out a trailer because they can’t think of any better music other than the big BUUUUUUUUURGHHHHHH of Inception.

    This is suppose to be an incredibly creative industry, you would think they they’d put a little bit more effort into their teaser trailer music.

    • Didn’t District 9 use the same sound? It’s ominous which I’m guessing is the effect that it’s going for, my only question is: why do ingame children who have ponytails look butt ugly?

  • Inversion with inception soundtrack!
    Seriously though, I get a “Fractured” vibe from this. Looks cool but in execution not so cool. Wait and see.

  • I’ve yet to see Inception, hell I haven’t even seen the trailers for it, but people think that sound effect as part of a soundtrack originates from Inception?

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