Japan Is Not Thrilled By The 3DS. Here's Why.

So far, Nintendo's 3DS looks to be a bust. This could change; the portable is still early in its lifecycle. But Japanese gamers aren't exactly snapping the machine up. There must be reasons for this. Turns out, there are.

Online research firm Goo polled 1110 Japanese consumers (39.5 per cent were men and 60.5 per cent were women) about why they haven't purchased the Nintendo 3DS. Here are the most popular reasons:

20. Waiting for my friends to get one 19. DS games look magnified and are hard to see 18. There's no Famicom on the Virtual Console 17. The buttons look hard to use 16. Can't transfer DSi Points 15. Waiting for a version with a larger screen 14. Saving for Sony's NGP 13. Can't play Game Boy games 12. There isn't a 3DS colour I want 11. Can't play Game Boy Advance games 10. Worried it'll be heavy to carry 9. The battery life seems bad 8. Satisfied with the PSP 7. Satisfied with mobile phone and smart phone games 6. Waiting for games I want (like Pokémon, Zelda, etc) 5. Skimpy launch titles 4. Might get ill from the screen 3. Worried about eye strain 2. Satisfied with the DS/DSi 1. It's pricey/waiting for a price drop

If you haven't picked up a 3DS, let us know why in the comments section.

ニンテンドー3DSの購入を見送った理由ランキング - ゲームランキング [goo ランキング]

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    Heh, a lot of those are the same reasons I'm not getting one for a while. No games is the really big one, but the other big ones are both the price and the region locking. None of which is new for NoAUS, but still infuriates me to no end.

    However, it seems like a couple of killer games might remedy the system, just wish Nintendo had thought of that before they released it...

    "18. There’s no Famicom on the Virtual Console"

    Where's that promised May VC/eshop update Nintendo?

      Was announced about 2 weeks ago that it would be launched June 7th worldwide to coincide with there E3 event and all the news and games coming for it.

    I already bought one, but I'm pretty disappointed with it as a console. E3 promised so many exciting games in the launch window, but everything released so far has been buggy in some regard, and the region lock means I'll have to get a new 3DS if I want to get Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor....

    3DS is lame, especially here in Australia at $350 each. I urge anyone thinking of getting one to think long and hard, because there's just nothing good out.

    Even Street Fighter has a bunch of spammable moves that makes online play a chore, when every 1/2 people play as Guile and spam sonic boom...

      I completely agree. I've just been using mine to play DS games, since none of the launch titles were good enough to spend money on. And it really annoys me that the web browsing and the store will be "released in a later update". Either have the functionality at launch or implement it later, having it half way just seems like poor time management.

    When they first advertised it there was like orange and red colors which i really dug but this blue and black is boring. I personally was waiting for LoZ 3D and its out soon so ill be buying one, But i have this horrible feeling there will be a limited edition LoZ 3ds just around the corner also.

    Also that battery life is horrible. Definitely a big deterrent for me.

    When the big name titles come out things will change, and when the price drop comes it will get even better.

    You don't even need the 3D-ness.

    Steve on the day of e3 there putting up the e-shop update

    The 3DS hasn't exactly made me excited.

    A lot of that has to do with how Nintendo has conducted itself in the past.

    In my mind, Nintendo is a company that takes something old, but was successful, adds two new things and then releases it as "New."

    In terms of hardware the DS Lite, DSi and DSiXL are all evidence of this.

    In terms of games: On the Wii, you have contrived "New Play Control" GameCube titles and even the proper Wii games feel barely new. Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and Donkey Kong all felt like reiterations, with a couple new features but the same, core, game underneath.

    Yes Super Mario Galaxy was great, but then they released Super Mario Galaxy 2, which again felt like, "More of the Same."

    I realise other developers are guilty of this, yes. But in the time between Nintendo's two console Zelda titles, we'll have had 3 Assassin's Creed games, 3 Gears of War games and quite possibly, the entire Mass Effect trilogy.

    There are more Wii's in homes than PS3s and 360s, but where is all that money going? Game development doesn't appear to be it.

    Now we have the 3DS where one of it's most anticipated titles is a re-release of Ocarina of Time...

    Anyone else noticing a pattern here?

    Nintendo don't make great games anymore. They rely on the nostalgia of their many classics to sell you them again and again and again.

      ARGH! My eyes! Now you've said it, I can't unsee it!!

      Btw +1

    >buttons look hard


    The survey has it right - price, price, price - $350 is waaay too much for a handheld, I bought my Xbox 360 new for $200 FFS, why would I buy something less functional for almost twice as much?

    I bought a 3DS at launch. For the most part i am happy with the console itself, the 3D works well, i believe the audio quality is better, the system buttons are nice and firm and it looks like a nicely polished design.

    But, there is only so many times i can play Face Raiders, Street Pass Quest etc. And lets face it, the DS games have all ready been flogged to death. Did not buy a 3DS to simply play DS games. C'mon Nintendo, give me some 3DS games!!!!

    Rather than having a reason not to buy it, it's more like there's just no reason to get one yet.

    Got mine for about 270 new, never had a ds, bough this for mgs 3ds and have been playin all the old ds games that I missed

    No compelling new games, released or planned, just more same-old. Kid Icarus looked promising, but the demo controls were total shite.

    Obviously less or no 2D games (I'm a stalwart supporter of the Metroidvania genre).

    DS games somehow look worse. Texture filtering on older games should be automated.

    No secondary analogue.

    Underwhelming 3D hardware performance overall. If it can do better than the Gamecube, it should be made to. I'm sick of lazy developers aiming for the middle of the road with games on Nintendo platforms.

    Ugly as sin design. Why can't I get a solid tone system?

    Region locking pisses me off. We get crippled products here, and what for? I speak English, not the 6000 other languages the European version's translated into. I shouldn't have to wait for them.

    Price is absurdly high. This tech is not cutting edge, it's just a new spin. Shave 100 dollars off the price and I'll show some interest.

    Price - correct.
    Lack of games - correct.

    But why was region lock not on the list?
    I guess it correlates with 'lack of games' - no damn Shin Megami Tensei in Australia... can't import because of region lock.

    Screw you, Nintendo.

      The reason region locking isn't on the list is because the survey was done in Japan, they don't care about the region locking as they don't do importing as they get all the games.

      I'll be getting a 3DS later this year when there are games I want to play on it.

      Does anyone know if UK 3DS games can be played on AUS 3DS? (or have they taken the region locking that far this time to really screw the aussies)

    Wait a year or two. Few good games and a 25% price drop and it will be a massive seller. and print money.

    In during people sloooowly realize Nintendo hasn't made a single good thing for about six years.

    I traded mine in about two weeks after buying it.

    Main reason was there was no online store and no good games coming any time soon.

    Also very unhappy they region locked it.

    I might get one in the future if they removed the region lock on the next model, and the online store is comprehensive (GB, GBA, VB, NES, SNES,, PCE, MD, and some good new stuff), but Im not fussed if I skip it altogether -NGP might be a better option.

    Battery-life is the killer issue for me. Then of course, the pitiful range of titles and the crazy high price point.

    No surprises there. Nintendo should have learnt from the last generation that one of the main reasons why they constantly came out on top was because they always had the cheaper console. If they had appealed the the casual market with the price of a Sony console attached, they would have never made it.

    As a 3DS luanch owner its already in the 'gathering dust' category. The only use its getting lately is street pass. FFIV on PSP is getting my love these days. Cecil just became a palidin! OMG!! :p

    That said I am hyped for Resident Evil Mercinaries but once again it is case of being more excited with the demo included with the game rather than the game itself!

    This article convinced me to change the name of my 3DS savings account to an NGP savings account.

    Deep down I knew all these things, but was hoping it was not as bad as I thiught.

    They really do not deserve to sell any at this point. They need to relaunch it with the stire open and better battery and software.

    May even cancel my Zelda preorder.

    6 and 5 mainly. Thinking I'll have to pre-order OoT at EB to get the Ocarina though. I'm a sucker for pre-order incentives though... Hell, I might just pre-order it and keep it until I actually get a 3DS.

    When Layton vs Phoenix Wright comes out, Japan will be all over the 3DS!

    I picked a US 3DS when I was in Japan recently, wasn't planning to, but had the money and thought 'Why not?'

    I've had fun with it, but mostly because I've been catching up on all the DS titles I've missed like DQIX, Pokemon, etc. Plus, StreetPass in Tokyo is a little more entertaining than in Australia, that's for sure.

    But seriously, the launch titles sucked, there's no web browser or estore yet, and the battery life ain't so great. (Though I think it's improved a little by not using 3D, which I don't like much anyway - SSFIV 3D works better without it)

    If they had have waited another 3-6 months till they had the titles, support and the system was truly ready, it would've been more successful. I don't regret my purchase, I think it'll come into it's own in the next month or two - but I think that might be a little too late for some. OoT, MGS3 and RE:M are what's keeping me going atm.

      Unless you can read Japanese, otherwise you'll regret it for not able to play English games

    Well my girlfriend bought me one for my birthday because my DS died and I'm pretty happy with it. I can't say that it's worth the pricetag though. The games ARE skimpy and mostly lacking in depth. But I can see genuine, outstanding potential with it. It really is something that you have to play with a bit to get excited about. I've got a 3DS and after a while of using it for absolutely nothing 3D-related, I still wouldn't consider getting an NGP/Vita. There is definite potential here that I can't see with Sony's new console other than graphical prowess.

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