No Stock At Japanese Amazon Leads To Rumours Of New Model 3DS

With E3 just around the corner, there are rumours and predictions abound of what game developer is going to announce what. Some seem more reliable than others. One rumour currently circulating Japan's message boards is that Nintendo will be releasing a new model of 3DS. So far the rumour does not seem to be completely off base.

Nintendo has recently dropped the price of the DSi (from $US149.99 to $US99.99) and DSi LL ($169.99 to $US129.99), something console developers regularly do before announcing a new model. This added with the fact that has mysteriously run out of stock of all models of the 3DS simultaneously has led some people to believe that Nintendo may be planning something. are expected to restock all models on June 4, one day before E3.

Of course, the timing of these events may be simple coincidence. The 3DS is still selling strong, and with recent colour variation releases, Nintendo doesn't have any obvious reasons to release a new model. Still, that has not kept people from voicing their opinions and speculations.

Personally, I hope they hurry up and release a damned "mega battery" model.

Amazonで3DSが全部品切れ状態・6月4日に何かがある!? [DS PSP初心者講座]


    Yes! If they release a new model I might actually be able to afford to buy it by the end of the year when all my exams are over. :D

    Please no! I just got the wife a purple 3DS and her birthday isn't until July! AGHHHH!!!!

      Thoughtful. I hope she enjoys the gift :)

      I'll probably trade in my 3DS and get the new model if/when it comes out.

    I will be greatly annoyed if they do... too soon and i got burned early.

    Ambassador Program Part 2 Initiate!

    Parts of the internet will melt if this were the case!

    I've been holding off on buying one until a version that includes a second stick is released. I'll probably get the new model on launch day.

      Just look at the history of the Gameboy. Every iteration has had a new model released shortly after that has improved upon it in nearly every way.
      Only reason I can think of to buy the first version of any Gameboy is if it had amazing games. Which the 3DS didn't anyway...

    It's not going to happen because Nintendo has resently sated that they are going to start making a profit on each 3ds sold by the end of the year. Why would a company want to ruin that?

      Because they could make an even larger profit?
      I don't see how a new model of an increasingly more profitable model will certainly destroy the increasing profits.

      Hell, if they market it right, it might even give them a profit sooner, or drastically improve on their existing projected profit from the old 3DS.

      But what if the new model has a lower cost to produce than the existing one?

    Also been waiting for this, hope it gets announced at E3 :D

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