Looks Like Limbo May Be Coming To PlayStation 3 Too

Patient PlayStation 3 owners may soon be able to die a thousand grisly deaths in PlayDead's gorgeous puzzle platformer Limbo, based on a newly listed rating submitted by Sony Computer Entertainment Korea.

As we head toward the one year anniversary of Limbo's release on Xbox Live Arcade, it appears that Microsoft's exclusivity window may be closing, granting the solemn adventure a wider audience. No official confirmation from Sony or PlayDead yet, but we're asking if the Korean Game Ratings Board - traditionally very accurate - is accurate in its reveal.

Interested PS3 owners, read our review to see why Limbo may be worth the wait.

LIMBO [KGRB via GameSetWatch]


    Now if only Shadow Complex wasn't published my Microsoft Games Studios, we might have had that one also.

    I'll certainly pick this up when it releases.

    That's great. Now I can see what all the fuss was about. xD

    About time! So jealous of some of the XBL titles.. A mate gave me a crack at it one time while having some beers and it seemed pretty damn good.

    And yet, no f♥cking PC.

    Excellent! Now all we need is a PS3 version of Super Meat Boy, and I'll be a content gamer.

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