Own A Little Piece Of Indiana Jones: The Fate Of Atlantis

Lucasarts (and Indy) fans, hold onto your fedoras: this arts & craft session is going to blow your mind.

Super-fan Fedora Smith builds replicas and nick-nacks based on Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones flicks. So his Flickr page is home to loads of amazing tributes to the franchises, like a perfect recreation of Dr. Jones (Senior) journal from Last Crusade.

What we're most interested in, though, are his replica items from classic 1992 adventure game Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis. Yes, Smith has won himself a lifetime of brownie points from this Lucasarts tragic, recreating an Atlantean horned idol, Indy's journal from the game, the World Stone, Mrs. Hapgood's medallion, even some of those powerful little beads.

The best part? You can actually buy some of it, as he's selling the medallion and idol on his website.


    I was not aware of how very much I wanted some of those things until I saw them inhabiting three dimensional space... That game was pretty awesome. In my head, Fate of Atlantis is the 4th Indy movie.

      Agreed. Those replicas are all gorgeous, and I would happily own any of them, but that grail diary is my grail. Incredible.

      Also, FoA > Crystal Skull x 1000. :)

      Yes it could've been a great Indy movie!

    I remember my dad was meant to buy me street fighter but couldn't find it and got this game instead. it became one of my all time top ten games.

    I want a Sunstone, Moonstone and Earthstone, and a spindle on which to place them.

    And a German U-boat.

    And a handful of orichalcum beads.

    And an Atlantean digging machine.

    I don't think I'm asking for much.

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