There Are A Bunch Of New Lucasarts Adventure Games On

Lucasarts adventure games: I think just about everyone of us over the age of 25 holds some measure of nostalgia for them. is taking full advantage of that fact, and today made more of that back catalogue available on

None are quite as high profile as, say, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, but Loom, The Dig and Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders all made their debut today, making it easy to re-experience or experience these old classics on modern PCs.

And that's the cool part really: these games are being preserved. That is a genuine worry of mine as old storage media begins to deteriorate. Tape, discs, they don't last forever and although I'm certain the has money in mind when selling these games, they're also doing history a great service by making these games available to run digitally on modern computers.

You can see all the Lucasarts games available on here.


    I love GOG, and I love that they're releasing these classics, but I can't love this strategy of releasing everything but Day of the Tentacle!

    I suppose it's something to do with a remastered edition coming out.

    I'm also wondering if they'll be releasing the greatest adventure game ever made - Curse of Monkey Island.

    Anyone who hasn't played Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders really need to. Such an awesome story. The opening cut scene for that game gave me nightmares for years as a kid, and having just watched it again I can see why. Shit is messed up.

    So, tell me about Loomâ„¢

    Saw this article and excitedly clicked the link and waited for the page to load!

    'Full Throttle?!?! Full Throttle?!?! Full Throttle!?!? FULL THROTTLE?!?! FULL THRO..... awwww :-( '


      Ugh. The things I would do for a remaster. I have an emulator and it's fine, but it runs in window and just ugh. It would be PERFECT on a tablet.

        I think there's a strong chance it's next in line after Day of the Tentacle, being a Tim Schafer game and all that.

          I refuse to get my hopes up and have my heart broken... not again.

    The worst part is that I own all the ones I want and have no trouble running them but I want to buy them as support...

    Anyone remember the Star Trek: The Original Series point and click adventure (with some space battles thrown in for good measure)???

    First mission was accessing a door that had rocks in front of it. Other missions included being on a space station with Harry Mudd.

    ANYONE REMEMBER THIS? Because I want to know how to play it again. Help!

    Edit: This was the cover:

    Last edited 20/03/15 1:09 pm

      OH GOD! I loved that game, but haven't even thought about it in years!

      Looks like you can stream it?

      That's be Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, and there was also a rather good sequel, Star Trek: Judgment RItes.

    I love these games, but 19% off is not exactly compelling.

      Yup, pricing doesn't seem very reasonable at all (IMO!)

    As I bought most of them at launch for much money, and still have the discs (even if the boxes are long gone) I won't be rebuying them unless special editions... but very happy to see them available at last.

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